Healthy Recipes

Healthy Recipes
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Now look out for more delicious and nutritious recipes for healthy and wealthy life for yourself and your family in your “Healthy Recipes” app absolutely free. Take the advantage of this free app to cook varieties of dishes for yourself and your family. You can have additional collection of recipes in each category, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian including vegan, sugar free desserts and even salads.

What makes the app unique is the selected choice of recipes it provides for anxious mothers who are health conscious about their families.

The app also has some quick meal recipes too which are faster to cook, are rich in nutrient content and equally delicious.

These recipes are best for the working mothers who have to rush for work and are worried for their family’s health too.

With beautiful interface and simple features, the app can be very useful for the people whose passion or profession is cooking. Divided into different categories it makes it easy for the people to make a choice of their favorite recipe.

-Quick Meal recipes
-Low Fat/Low Calorie dishes
-North Indian
-Sugar Free Desserts

In Quick Meal Recipes: This category has quickly prepared and universally liked recipes. In both the non-vegetarian and vegetarian sections, the collection is of carefully chosen recipes which are quickly prepared, healthy and delicious too. Each dish can be prepared within 20 minutes.

Low Fat/Low Calorie dishes: This section yet again has both the non-vegetarian and vegetarian collection but that too low fat/low calorie dishes. Each recipe also includes the nutrient content so as you are sure of the calorie count and fat content each dish contains. It is a smartest way to satisfy the food requirements of the family.

North Indian Dishes: North India is famous for its spicy food items. Whether it is butter chicken or Chole Bhutare, people of all over the world love their taste. If you also would like to catch the spicy taste, these North Indian easy to prepare recipes are just for you. There are favorite and most popular dishes of North India.

Sugar Free Desserts: If you are sugar conscious, yet love sugary and mouthwatering sweat dishes, here you have some of the best recipes. These are specially designed with less carbohydrate, less fat and less sugar for health conscious people. Each recipe is followed by the amount of the nutrient content it contains. Whether it is a chocolate, pudding or a cake, you can eat it to your satisfaction as all these dishes are sugar free or have very less quantity of sugar with less carbohydrates or fat.

Salads: Suppose if the salads of different fruits or vegetables are prepared in an innovative way yet retaining its original flavor and nutrient content, people will sure to add it in their every day meals. The app has different types of salad recipes from different fruits or vegetables according to the season too. Just add your creativity and flavor in the salads and assure of healthy and best life of your family.

Vegan: Here are some delicious and full of nutrient content most popular Vegan dishes too. These Vegan foods can be quick to prepare, healthy, light and tasty. Majority of the people from across the globe are preferring plant based dishes in their every day meals. It is our effort to give the best Vegan recipes for you to nourish your families with plant based dishes.

So what are you waiting for? Download "Healthy recipe" app free and keep yourself and your family healthy and happy.

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