Here I Am!

Here I Am!
(990 total ratings on Google Play)
Matteo Tosi / Travel
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(990 total ratings on Google Play)


Never forgot the road to a place?
Never need to tell a friend where you are?
Well, with ''Here I am !'' this won''t be a problem anymore!

WHY USING ''Here I am!'' :
[] NOTIFICATIONS: NEW ( BETA) : Now you can send your position without opening the app!
If one of your friends sends you a message containing the keyword phrase '' Where are you? '' , ''Here I am !'' will send a notification telling you that the contact requires your location! So you can send it, from the notification area, without any problem!
[] SELECT THE LOCATION PROVIDER (ATTENTION) : ''Here I am!'' allows you to choose which system to use for checking your current location :
 - Google Play Services : slower but more accurate, supported by most devices.
 - Location Provider: fast and supported by all devices.
CAUTION: Some devices, like HTC and Samsung GALAXY, could have a higher accuracy by using the Location Provider.
[] CHECK IN : find very quickly the coordinates of the places where you are!
[] SENDING THE LOCATION: send locations to your friends by using one of the many supported applications!
SMS / MMS, Whatsapp , Facebook Messenger , Mail, Skype, Viber , LINE are only a small part of them ! .
[] SAVING YOURS LOCATIONS : Save your places in your favourites , you can navigate to them at any time! In the absence of a connection, the search will show you only the coordinates of the place . But don''t worry! You can use the ''Update'' option to view the address!
[] CROSS-PLATFORM LINK: ''Here I am !'' generates links designed specifically for each platform! Before sending a location, choose to which platform ( iOS , Android, WP8 ) send your position ! In the case of Android or WP8 , two links will be created:
 - Link to the Maps application of the specific platform.
 - Links that open the position directly in ''Here I am !'' . In this way you can save locations sent from your friends!
[] SUPPORTED NAVIGATORS: Choose your favorite navigator! Currently the application supports:
 - Google Navigator
 - Waze
 - Navigon
 - Mireo viaGPS
 - Wisepilot (only when available the way! )
 - CoPilot GPS
- Sygic
We are pleased to respond to your every request or question! Write to us at :


Or directly from the application, by clicking on : ''Contact us''
If you like the app, don''t hesitate to put a review!

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