Important Anniversary

Important Anniversary
(630 total ratings on Google Play)
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(630 total ratings on Google Play)


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Trust all the important birthdays, anniversaries and To-do Notes on this app!
So you can never forget to sent presents or messages to them in due time! ♪

This app can make you anticipating the coming of your important day by counting every day down.

■Log-in schedule
You can press “Re-log” button to log in, then input the name and date of schedule and press “Save”.
If you select “Anniversary”, “Birthday” or “To-do Note” button before saving, the schedule will be saved under the category accordingly.
In addition, you can also take down related things in Note to remind you of details.

■Edit and Delete
You can confirm the details of logged schedule by tapping on it, or “Edit” and “Delete” the schedule.

Confirm the list of anniversaries,birthdays and to-do notes.

You can have a clear view of how many days until the anniversary, knowing how many anniversaries you have been through by tapping on it.

You can get the days left until next birthday with a glance, and tap the detail you can know how old you will be in the next birthday.

「To-do Note」
You can get the days left until next scheduled day with a glance.

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■When the various communication permissions can be used?

They can be used in ad display and effect tests.

It can be used in setting ad display and collecting related information of download regions (states).

Internet access
It can be used in setting ad display and collecting related information of download regions (states).

Phone calls (Phone information)
They can be used in collecting Android versions of phones which downloaded the app.

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