Widget for Facebook

Widget for Facebook
(640 total ratings on Google Play)
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(640 total ratings on Google Play)


This app is Facebook on the go! Want to post a quick Facebook entry? Need to check-in? A better way to Facebook is here!

Widget for Facebook makes it simple to use the most popular Facebook functions with no lag time or waiting.

About Widget for Facebook:
SplashPad Mobile has developed the only self-contained Android Facebook widget. All functions are performed within the widget and users are never sent to a Facebook app.

- It’s a widget, not an app!
- It’s always on
- It receives status updates in real time
- No launching or login needed

You won’t believe how quick and easy it is to use. All functions are performed within Widget for Facebook. You’ll never be sent to the Facebook app.

Widget for Facebook is free and there are no ads.

Facebook Status Updates

• Read status updates, including those with photos, as soon as they are posted!
• View and leave comments
• Like the post
• Post and view your status updates

Facebook Photos and Videos

• Posting photos and videos is easy!
• Take a photo/video and post it instantly
• Post photos and videos from your phone or tablet’s library

Additional Facebook Functions

• Want to tell everyone where you are? Facebook Check-in is a snap!
• Check your Facebook Calendar for birthdays, events, etc

If you haven''t loaded a widget (not an app) before, here is how to do it following clicking install on the Play Store.

Android Version 4.1 and higher
1. Go to "APPS" (to round white icon).
2. Scroll past the APP screen(s) to the WIDGET screen(s).
3. Scroll through the widget screens until you find the icon for "Widget for Facebook".
4. Press the icon and move it to a home screen.
NOTE: The widget requires approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of open screen space. It does not place an icon, it places the full widget screen.

Android Version 2.1 to 4.0:
1. Scroll through your menu screens.
2. Find approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of open screen space. Press the screen of open space until a dialog box pops up offering several items including WIDGETS.
3. Tap WIDGETS and then scroll through the list until you find the icon for "Widget for Facebook".
4. Tap "Widget for Facebook" and the widget will appear in the open space where you pressed the screen.
NOTE: It will not place an icon, it places the full widget screen.

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