Happy Farm Jump - Kids Game

Happy Farm Jump - Kids Game
(370 total ratings on Google Play)
Spring Water Mobile / Casual
Downloads: 100k
(370 total ratings on Google Play)


Happy Farm Jump. The newest and most popular brain game.

★ Introduction
 ・Using the accelerometer to control the hero, eat his food. And avoid other obstacles.
 ・When you press the screen, you are allowed to jump.
 ・The scores automatically submitted to Scoreloop online scoring system, you can share your results with your friends or anyone in the world.
 ・Scoreloop is the world of real-time online scoring system. Please be sure to join Scoreloop.
 ・It is the newest and most popular brain game.

★ Features
 ・Suitable for right brain exercise, the graphics right brain activation. Improve the observation of the brain, cognitive ability, concentration, memory, creativity and imagination.
 ・Using this app to exercise and test yourlearning brain,mental ability for child. Improve rapid progress in studies.
 ・Provide the ranking of countries in the world, while also providing the highest world ranking of 24 hours a day. You can also view a friend''s scores and rankings, to compete with them!
 ・Free puzzle games for kids, children, infants, young children, baby, younger, students happy to learn puzzle game.
 ・Can exercise the right brain responsiveness and rapid hand-eye coordination.
 ・Improve and analyze your learning ability,creativity,performance,mental ability,development,imagination,observation.
 ・Best suitable for family, friends, and the kids play with the free puzzle game.
 ・Simple and convenient, easy to operate. Suitable for children, the elderly, their families and friends to play together. Very convenient to use.
 ・Exercise the brain development of intelligence.Improve the speed of response of the brain.Happy to learn and work.Improve the efficiency of learning and work.
 ・High-quality high-definition picture, cute drawings.Suitable for tablet PC.
 ・The most interactive and interesting entertaining children games
 ・Cute and interesting animal can also help children willing to learn and a sense of the world best.
 ・Comprehensive ability to train the brain and enjoy the feeling of success and fun games!
 ・This is an educational, engaging and entertaining game for adults and children.

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