Anti theft alarm

Anti theft alarm
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Your phone is more precious than anything you own. More precious than the phone is your personal data. How would you like it if you could protect both your phone and

your data from being stolen or falling into the wrong hands?.
Well, we at Skeuomania have come up with the perfect solution. Introducing Anti theft alarm.
Anti theft alarm protects your phone from theft with the help of motion alarm and charger alarm.
It also protects your data as it doesn’t allow the thief to go beyond the alarm screen until he swipes the right pattern or enters the right pin number. What is even better is that if the thief types in the wrong pin more than the pre-set limit, the phone sends a message with the location details to the number you have configured within the app.

Skeuomania believes in skeuomorphic design to give the app a sense of realism by protecting your phone in a maximum level security environment. With lasers, modern switches and highly detailed buttons, the app is full of eye-candy to show off to your friends.
The App in itself is very easy to use. Just flick the mode switch for charger or motion alarm and press the big button to activate the alarm. Keep the phone where you wanna leave it and let anti theft alarm take over the phone’s security from there.

1) A notification is displayed to the user when charger is connected and by just one touch you can access the app.
2) Notify friends through message about phones present location when the phone is lost.
3) Phone movement detection
4) Charger unplugged detection
5) Password Protection(Pattern/PIN)
6) Loud alarm even if the phone is in silent mode
7) Select alarm sound of your choice
8) Phone vibrates and screen flashes similar to police lights when the alarm is triggered

Here are a bunch of situations where Anti theft alarm will come in handy(BURGLARS BEWARE OF THIS APP).
1) When you leave your phone unattended and your pesky friends try to read your messages.
2) When you keep your phone for charging and you don’t want anyone to touch it till it gets fully charged.
3) Activate the motion alarm and keep it on your dairy,laptop or any object you wish to protect to prevent people from accessing them.
4) At the Restaurant or Bar where you keep your phone on the table and need to go to the restroom.
5) At the gym when you need to leave your phone and work out.
6) Any place where you think there are chances of your phone getting stolen. Just activate the motion alarm and catch any thief who tries to steal your phone.
7) In offices do a sting operation by keeping your phone on your documents to catch someone who is trying to leak all your confidential information.
8) Anti theft may be used to prevent your kids from accessing your phone without your consent.
9) Anti theft may also be used to surprise your family and friends, who like to spy when you’re not around the phone. An alarm is triggered when the phone is moved or the charger is disconnected.

The Pro version gives you more power by letting you
1) Play the alarm even after phone restarts
2) Adjust the sensitivity of the phone’s motion detection
3) Protect phone battery

Note: This app doesn''t claim that it can avoid theft completely. It''s the owner''s responsibility to be careful, but by using this app you can avoid misfortunes. Thank
For any suggestions or feature requests please email us and we will get back to you
Email ID: skeuomania@gmail.com

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