True or False : Lie Detector

True or False : Lie Detector
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(1000 total ratings on Google Play)


If you''re looking for a lie detector (in this case, it looks kind of like a polygraph meter or xray) test that simply works whenever you want to fool your friends and get them to think that you know all about them, you might want to try this fingerprint scan detection app.

The reason this app works great is because you can choose to adjust the outcome by swiping left or right on the screen. It couldn''t be any easier, and you can do it without anyone noticing by (for example) acting like there''s a speck of dust on your screen.

HOW TO USE: swiping to the left gives a lie, swiping to the right gives the truth. Then, let your friends put their finger on the fingerprint box and make them believe that this funny scanner will detect their mood, sex, how crazy they are, if they were the one to fart, if they think your face is ugly or really pretty, or anything else you would like to detect with this ultimate detection tool. Depending on your prediction type setting (check out the menu at the bottom of the screen), you''ll get either a random or predefined answer after the countdown. When the image lights up, you can perform a new scan by touching the circle arrow.

Other uses:

- convince your friends that you''re telling the truth and not a false lie
- prove to your spouse that you can read his or her mind
- play truth or dare (with a little bit of cheating ;)
- "read" your voice with a touch of the screen
- use it as an ultraviolet ghost detector!
- to get security clearance by faking it
- but above all, this liedetector is mostly the best to provide you with some fun but totally silly and dumb ways to entertaining the people around you with cool fingerprint pictures

Please keep in mind that this program is not able to actually scan prints through your phone screen because that''s simply not possible with current mobile technology. However, if used correctly, it will not fail in faking personal scans within your social circle.

So, have fun!

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