Mobile HotSpot Free

Mobile HotSpot Free
(460 total ratings on Google Play)
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(460 total ratings on Google Play)


Mobile HotSpot is an application which facilitates your Internet phone connection sharing either with your tablet or PC via a Wi-Fi connection (tethering).

You can easily share your Internet mobile with only ONE CLICK.

Mobile HotSpot shows the number of devices connected to your hotspot. It is also possible to see in detail the list of all connected devices.

You can define a timer to turn off your HotSpot automatically after a number of minutes.

Also you can automatically activate your HotSpot as you connect your phone on AC or USB power. In the same way, as you disconnect your phone from a power source you can automatically turn off the HotSpot application.

Finally, in order to save your battery "Mobile HotSpot" turns itself off and instantly stops sharing when your battery is running at less than 20%.

Most parameters can be changed via a configuration screen available via the menu: SSID, timer, battery level, notification.

Mobile HotSpot is the most complete application on Google Play to manage tethering and share your Internet connection from your phone.

It is compatible with Desktop, Laptop, iPad, Playstation 3 (PS3), Xbox, Blueray, Smart TV.

For the first five uses the application is free and without advertising. Thereafter it is possible to remove the ads for $ 1.99. (Premium version: http://goo.gl/vGL7k )

Warning, some providers block the Internet connection sharing or tethering (Ex: Sprint). This application works only if tethering is running on your phone.

If Mobile HotSpot is not compatible with your device, please don’t rate it negatively. Instead send me an email describing your problem, your model device and I will be pleased to implement corrections and publish an updated version.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Tested on:
- Nexus S
- Galaxy Nexus
- Galaxy S III (GS3)

* You must have Internet service (Ex: 3G or 4G) on your phone to use this application and share it.
** Your carrier may charge you for hotspot, validate your agreement your provider.

If you need help to solve a problem, you can visit the Mobile HotSpot support or FAQ Web pages :

Support : http://androidstt.com/mobilehotspot/support/
FAQ: http://androidstt.com/mobilehotspot/faq/

PLEASE ! Take 1 minute to participate to our survey to create a list of compatible devices at : http://goo.gl/932DA

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