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Goals Calendar
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(340 total ratings on Google Play)


* The goal calendar can help you to achieve your goals.

New Year 2014, new year, new goals upright practice your
Goal challenge 100% will manage all you hope to study, exercise, diet, and regular habits.

Add a new goal
Add a new goal to achieve the goals and objectives of today, you can see at a glance information.
Challenging goal, the three types of goals.
1 By the time the goal
2 Due to the number of goals
3 Practice by goal

Try our goals through the self-timer
Goal of the challenge being driven at 100%, the timer will continue after the end of the smartphone. Run by goal time is complete, exit the application and other applications automatically alarm will sound.

Goals through the calendar, check the degree to achieve their goals
Achieve the goals in the calendar, the number of times to achieve their goals at a glance you can learn. Calendar is a complete circle, triangle, X, his goals have been achieved, and less have been achieved, you can learn that you did not perform at all.

Visit and promised to share their goals and many people through the Freedom Wall.
The goal of the challenge itself 100% free board and, with several people can share your 2013 New Year''s goal.

v 1.8.0 fixes
1 Calendars when selecting the target, select the pop-up has been removed. (UX improvements)
2 Deleted the application, exit pop (UX improved.)
3 The goal completed in Today''s goal is to avoid counting the widget has been improved.
4 Do not forget to run always displayed in the notification, to the time during the execution of the goal, the goal has been improved.
5 The same phenomenon is terminated when a start date and an end date has been fixed.

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