Attack w/ the 3D Maneuver Gear

Attack w/ the 3D Maneuver Gear
(10.434k total ratings on Google Play)
NEO APRIX / Action
Downloads: 100k
(10.434k total ratings on Google Play)


Here it is! The fan app of the super popular manga Attack on Titan!
No other fan action game could be as real-time, as exhilarating as this one! Go grab your own three dimensional maneuver gear and fight the titans!!

◎ Have you ever thought about you can fight with Titans using your own three dimensional maneuver gear? If not, experience this game!

Use your equipment to exterminate those damn Titans! They are everywhere!
Please..please protect us and the cities from the Titans! Everyone wants to have their freedom back!


The game is super easy, just tap the buildings and Titans and you will be able to move with your wires.

Attack the Titans by tap the back of Titans neck, that’s there weak point!
Adjust yourself to a good position, otherwise your might fail to attack or even got attacked by the Titans!

The game will be over once you run out of lives.
Tap the potatoes to recover your lives.

You get a star medal every time you knock a Titan down.
With 5 medals, you will get the rampage status automatically for few seconds.
Keep tap the button and you will kill a bunch of Titans with no worries!!

Listen everybody! It’s time for revenge! Remember! Eye for an Eye!
Let’s go knock the Titans down!

>New Mission: Smile Mode<

"The captain is doing his house keeping, he doesn’t want to see any dust in his house!"
To access this new mode, please refer to the notifications in the game.

>New Mission: Challenge Mode<

You will be a member of the military, try to raise your rank!
It does not matter which character you’re using, its’s all based on the numbers of titans you killed.

*New characters will be unlocked when you reach a higher rank.
*Please refer to the notifications in the game for details.
*The more Titans you kill, the faster your rank raise.

>To unlock the new characters<

*1st character: knock 100 Titans down under any mode
*2nd character: ranked “ranger” under challenge mode
*3rd character: ranked “squad leader” under challenge mode
*4th character: ranked “captain” under challenge mode
*5th character: coming soon!!

*This game is a tribute to the famous Manga “Attack on Titan”. It does not matter if you do not know this Manga, simply enjoy the game!
We will be super happy if this free fan app can help more people to know the Manga “Attack on Titan”.

*This game is just a fan application that has no relationship to KODANSHA and WIT STUDIO.

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