Alarm Clock,wake up guaranteed

Alarm Clock,wake up guaranteed
(590 total ratings on Google Play)
Goob Alarm by Sygel / Tools
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(590 total ratings on Google Play)


Free Alarm clock that can only be switched off when you are really out of bed!
The alarm clock uses the Wifi signal strength to determine your position. You will only be able to switch off your alarm when you are close enough to your WiFi router.

Setup video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aE7dH1nlQm0

Setup (Get Out Of Bed ) Goob Alarm

1) If you are connected to a Wifi router you will see the current wifi level in the list of your alarms. The range is 0-100 with 100 max strength.
2) Go as close as possible to your wifi router and note the wifi level
3) Setup your alarm by selecting the alarm (short tap on the time) or create a new one by selecting menu - add alarm.
4) Set Dismiss type to ''Run to Wifi'' and also select Dismiss Test button. The Dismiss Test button allows you to dismiss at all times ***use dismiss button only to test your setup***.
5) Set the Wifi Strength to the level you were getting close to your wifi router.
6) Set the time + 3 minutes, so you can test and press Done. Enable the alarm by pressing the square next to the wifi level. Press back or home key. Go to your bedroom and wait until the alarm sounds.
7)Unlock your phone and go towards your wifi router, you will see the wifi level changing in the dialog box. When you are close enough you can dismiss the alarm. (In test mode you can dismiss even when the level is not reached)
8)If all works well, deselect ''Dismiss Test button'' in the dismiss type settings menu so you can only dismiss the alarm when you are out of bed!

Troubleshooting - Advanced setup – Permissions explained

1) My Wifi router is in my bedroom (or close to it) so my Wifi strength is very high in my bed.
Select ''Run from wifi'' in Dismiss type and set the ''Wifi weakness'' to a lower level than what you get in your bedroom. When the alarm goes off you have to move away from your Wifi router in order to be able to dismiss the alarm. Combining ''Run to Wifi'' and ''Run from wifi'' is also possible.

2) When you are tempted to force close the app or switch the phone off while the alarm sounds, you may try the advanced settings to block this (press menu when you see the alarm list).

This is the reason why it needs “CALENDAR EVENTS” permission, it will add 10 calendar event reminders if you force close the app while the alarm goes off. It will only do this if you activate this option in the general settings menu.

3) Not connected to a Wifi router.
If you have Wifi networks but are not connected to them you can enter the Wifi SSID and use the signal strength from that network. You do not need to logon to that network, only the signal strength is used!

4) Wifi will be turned on just before the alarm sounds (if it was switched off). This is why the app needs the “CHANGE WI-FI STATE” permission.

5) The app will add an Alarm icon to the home screen if the alarm is set. This is why the app needs the “MODIFY GLOBAL SYSTEM SETTINGS”

6) When a call comes in while the alarm sounds the alarm volume will go down. This is why the app needs the “READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY” permission.

7) “FULL INTERNET ACCESS” is needed for the banners (commercials).

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Alarm Clock (you will wake up)

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