VideoGames Trivia

VideoGames Trivia
(1100 total ratings on Google Play)
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(1100 total ratings on Google Play)


Video Games Trivia is a quiz game of image-questions and answers, in which you have to hit the videogame shown in the image of four possible answers. You can choose from three types of difficulty: Easy, medium and hard, and select retro games (old 8bit computers like sinclair zx spectrum,amstrad,msx,nintendo nes,supernintendo,nintendo 64, gameboy, atari consoles,sega megadrive or genesis, mastersystem, sega saturn, sony playstation, neogeo, 16 bits computers like amiga, msdos games, windows 95, windods xp, etc) or actual games (actual PC games, or consoles like playstation 3, ps2, microsoft xbox 360, nintendo wii , nintendo ds,etc )

If you have a game that isn''t in this game, you can take a picture directly from this app, and upload to our servers, and after being reviewed, your image will become part of the game and other players will appreciate it. Play and guess games like Super Mario Bros, Manic Miner, Bioshock, Sonic, Age of Empires, Assassins Creed, Batman, Castlevania, Diablo, Elder Scrolls, World of Warcraft, FIFA, Final fantasy, Resident evil, Game of Thrones, GTA, Guitar Hero, Tomb Raider, Mass Effect, Portal, Los sims, Worms and indie games like Minecraft or Plants vs Zombies.

Get all you can in this quiz-game and score points is accumulated in your account. The game has a ranking of the best players.

IMPORTANT: You need an Internet connection to play. Each image is downloaded from the internet, so if your connection is slow it can take several seconds to display. WIFI connection is recommended.

-Click the "Play" button to start a game
-Select the difficulty (Easy, Normal or Hard). If you choose Easy, you can not accumulate the points you get into your account.
-Select the type of games you want to play: retro old games, or actual videogames, and click "Play" to start the game
-Answer the questions before time runs out by clicking on the correct answer.
-If you get an icon of a gift, click on it to see the prize you will if you hit the question that has come out. (the prize is allocated to the next question)
-If your fails get to zero, you will end the game.
-Click the button "Submit points" to accumulate the points you get in this game.

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