Email Client for Exchange +

Email Client for Exchange +
(8300 total ratings on Google Play)
Mail Wise / Communication
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(8300 total ratings on Google Play)


MailWise – Read Just What You Need. The best conversation threads ever. A free email client that transforms messy emails into clean and clear conversations. Get all your mail done in one simple and effective email app. Easily setup multiple email accounts including Exchange ActiveSync, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, Outlook, MSN, Gmail, GMX, and IMAP accounts (multiple email accounts supported).

This is your inbox as it should be.

Key Benefits:
* Get all your mail in one app with the best conversation view on the market.
* Safe & Secure – a pure client side email app - all data is stored locally on your device. Your data can''t leak from our server - we don''t have a server.
* Manage multiple email accounts from different providers conveniently in one email client app.
* Optimize your Inbox – a smart way to make email fun again.
* The best Exchange mail app & easiest way to access and manage your ActiveSync Exchange & Outlook Email account on your mobile.
* Completely Free!
* Please allow up to 24 hours after installation for the app to become faster as it merges your inbox into conversations locally *
*** Please send any comments/remarks/input to info@mail-wise.com ***

♥ Customer Praise ♥
★★★★★ “Simply brilliant! Threaded e-mails viewing on steroids. Very well maintained and updated.” (David R)
★★★★★ “Boom! This is the email app I have dreamed of!” (David T)
★★★★★ “As mobile email should be…Presentation of e-mails is unparalleled.” (T M)
★★★★★ “Perfect- That''s all I''ve been asking for: exchange email app, conversation mode, accept calendar invitations, light weight. Great job!” (Asaf O)
★★★★★ “Why didn''t I find you sooner!! Awesome UI. Flawless on my Nexus 5 with KitKat. A true gem!! ActiveSync works great!!” (Matthew W)
★★★★★ “I didn''t know I was waiting for this... but now I do. Can''t imagine going back to the old email system…Highly recommend this app.” (G T)

Mail Wise introduces a new simplified email experience. It arranges your mail into conversations and reduces the "noise" by hiding headers, signatures, formatting issues, and more.
The innovative and fresh design visually groups email threads together, ensuring that you don’t waste valuable time digging through messy e-mails. With fewer distractions you can get more done in less time and avoid mistakes.

Main features:
* Conversations - e-mails are combined in a clear organized way
* Fully secure – MailWise stores all of your data locally on your device keeping it safe and secure
* Clean Inbox – Smart Grouping by contacts
* Connect the most popular email providers: Exchange, Yahoo!, Outlook, AOL, Gmail, Hotmail email and more
* Email setup is simple and easy to configure
* MailWise email client connects to IMAP and ActiveSync (Exchange email) servers (Unfortunately we do not support POP3 at this time)
* Enable/Disable Avatars
* Quiet time for Notifications
* Import all your email accounts - Mail Wise supports multiple email accounts so you can manage (for example) your Hotmail Inbox or Outlook email alongside your Exchange ActiveSync
* Productive - swipe for immediate actions
* Sort inbox by unread or starred
* Clear email – proven to save you time by removing excessive formatting and signatures, getting directly to the heart of an email
* Easy manage your Contacts – simply press the picture to add the email address and details to your contacts
* Quick email search – find your old emails fast
* Restricted Optional Exchange Email Security Bypass (http://bit.ly/ExBypass)

More awesome surprises coming up soon :)
If you ever tried Mailbox, GMX, Cloudmagic, K9 mail or if you''re looking for a great Exchange, Hotmail or Outlook email app– you’ll love MailWise. Download Now!
Like Mail Wise? Join our Beta community to take advantage of early updates and help us design our future versions.
Beta community: http://bit.ly/MailWiseGPlus

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