Japanese Verbs

Japanese Verbs
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(360 total ratings on Google Play)


Japanese Verbs is a helpful tool to learn Japanese by studying various forms of the Japanese language verbs.It is especially recommended for beginner to intermediate learners.

It contains a dictionary of 711 verbs which can be searched on their different conjugation forms using kanji, kana, or romaji as well as on translations. You can filter the verbs in the dictionary by JLPT levels.

Information about each verb contains:
* its kanji, kana (hiragana/katakana) and romaji versions,
* translations,
* information indicating whether the verb is transitive or intransitive,
* conjugation group,
* JLPT level,
* 17 conjugation forms.

The application also gives a detailed explanation on how various verb conjugations are formed and presents examples of verbs from different groups.

You can test yourself using a configurable quiz to learn the Japanese language quicker. The options allow you to select:
* quiz type: choosing a correct dictionary form from many verbs or choosing a correct conjugation form of one verb,
* entry type: multiple choice using buttons or text entry,
* script used to display answers (kanji, kana, romaji),
* JLPT level,
* number of questions,
* how learning progress is used to select verbs for questions,
* verb forms used during a quiz.

The application tracks your learning progress and displays it against each verb. To make your learning easier, verbs that you know less are selected more often for questions in the quiz. You can also filter the dictionary of verbs by learning progress and JLPT levels as well as hide and show translations.

The application is ad supported.

Japanese Verbs uses Flurry (www.flurry.com) to gather anonymous statistics about the application usage, users'' handset and country. No detailed information about location is gathered. The statistics help me to understand how the application is used and make it better.

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