Bombing Dude Mission Key

Bombing Dude Mission Key
(1200 total ratings on Google Play)
RJN Tech Lab / Action
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(1200 total ratings on Google Play)


Bombing Dude Mission Key is an awesome 50 level game, where in each level bomber''s mission is to search for key to unlock the door and enter in the door to clear the level.


1. Leaderboard for each level.
2. Achievements with completion of certain levels.
3. Unlimited Time Bombs for Killing Monsters.
4. Plant multiple bombs at different locations at same time.
5. Remote Bombs and a special trigger for blasting anoying monsters which are difficult to kill with time bombs.
6. Bomb range multiplier as Power-Ups ( 2X, 3X and 4X)
7. Diamonds as game''s virtual currency to let you buy life''s and remote bombs.

Description :

While Bombing Dude is searching for key there will be lots of killing monsters who will try their best to not let the bomber to finish the mission. And as you will cross levels monsters are gonna increase and you''ll find it more challenging to complete the mission to search for a key.

To fight with the monsters Bombing Dude is loaded with unlimited power time bombs which will get blast after 2 secs after plant.
Bombing Dude also have Remote bombs which can be planted with a special button provided and blasted with a special trigger to kill the monsters which are difficult to fight with time bomb.

You get few remote bombs at start but after that it will be available as a Power-Ups while playing game.

Power-Ups like like bomb range multiplier upto 2X, 3X and 4X is also be there to help you while fighting with monsters.

The virtual currency of game is Diamonds.
So you need to collect as many diamonds as you can while searching for Key.
As you can get more Life''s and Remote Bombs by Diamonds whenever your in short of either thing.

Just install and give it a try to enjoy the mission game !!

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