Animals Zoo - Interactive Game

Animals Zoo - Interactive Game
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(560 total ratings on Google Play)


The BEST Animal & Wildlife Flash Card Game - 40 Different Animals, Better than the Zoo!
Young Kids Learn about Animals in an Amazing Jungle Game of Names & Sounds!
Perfect for Preschool & Toddlers - An Interactive Flashcard Safari Game!

It’s a jungle out there! The Animals Zoo - Interactive Flash Cards is a great education game where kids from toddlers to preschool can learn about all types of animals beyond dogs and cats. This fun, interactive flash card game brings wildlife to the perfect level for young kids to be introduced to a virtual jungle of animals. Kids will meet a horse, a giraffe, a tiger, a lion and a monkey. But wait, there’s more animals in the zoo! Kids can learn about an ostrich, hyena, deer, camel, rhino and other types of wildlife. This virtual flash card safari game, is a terrific supplement to any preschool and kindergarten education.

In this fun and educational wildlife safari game, toddlers and preschool kids can try to imitate the animals’ sounds. Kids will learn the names and hear the sounds of a virtual jungle of animals. Great HD illustrations and animation make this smart game fun for kids. It’s like going to the zoo, but better!

What’s Inside Animal Zoo - Jungle Wild Life Farm Pets Animal Sounds Kids Learning Game HD
★ 40 Different Animals - a virtual jungle safari! Learn the names & hear their sounds
★ Meet a Dog, Cat, Horse, Giraffe, Tiger, Lion & Monkey
★ See wildlife with great HD Illustrations & animation and make the safari come alive
★ Tap & learn - spelling and pronunciation of all types of jungle animals & wildlife
★ Choose your favorite animal: a dog, cat, giraffe, tiger, lion, monkey, seal, hyena, ostrich, bear.
★ Beautiful HD illustrations on every page of wildlife
★ Enjoy numerous engaging and fun animations on each page - zoo comes to life!
★ Awesome animal sound effects for each animal

Kids can go on safari and learn about many types of animals with The Animals Zoo - Jungle Wildlife Interactive Flash Card game. Preschool and toddler kids will love to see the animals they know including a dog, cat, horse, giraffe, tiger, lion and monkey. But they will learn about other zoo animals too. This education app is tons of fun and will also help kids learn the sounds a whole range of animals make. Many preschool and toddler kids recognize the sounds of a dog, cat, horse, giraffe, tiger, lion and monkey, but they may not be familiar with other wildlife like an ostrich or hyena. Your child will love the Animal Zoo flash card game!

Kids love zoo animals and mimicking their sounds. This game combines education and fun. Parents will feel good about having their toddlers and preschool kids play with this game too!

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