TextIconCreater Icon Pack

TextIconCreater Icon Pack
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taketoma / Personalization
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(640 total ratings on Google Play)


TextIconCreaterIconPack is an application which customizes the icon on a launcher.

use of TextIconCreaterIconPack -- a launcher -- an application is required.

the launcher which carried out checking of operations -- an application
- ADW Launcher
- ADW LauncherEx
- Nova Launcher
- Holo Launcher
- Apex Launcher

An original icon can be innumerably made by receiving from the icon image to which the image of the set text, the color, and the permeability can be changed and another application program and synthesizing the passed external image etc.

The picture clipped out from a photograph can also be made into an icon.

The saved icon can be called from CreateIconPicker.
When you delete the saved icon, please push an icon for a long time and delete it.

The icon created when TextIconCreater of another application was used is made into a PNG picture, and can be saved.

【 How to use 】
*The following is a case of ADW Launcher.
1.The icon on the home of ADW.Launcher is pushed long.
2.Edit is selected.
3.The tap does the icon.
4.The ADW theme icon packing is selected.
5.TextIconCreaterForADW is selected.
6.A set item is input and the preview is pushed.
7.The icon set is pushed if it avoids it because the preview of the icon is displayed.

【 function 】
1.Text image
・It is size change of - text which can be chosen about four kinds of texts.
・Size change in text
・Color of text and setting of permeability
・Setting of gradation
(The direction of the gradation can be selected from Under from On,Right from the Left,Diagonal,Center to Outside )
・Change (font maintained in application) in font (MONOSPACE, DOT, ELEBOARD, BLOCK, and SMART)
・It corresponds to an external font.
(It is possible by the arrangement of the ttf font file in/sdcard/texticonfonts or less. )
・Reflection function of text
・Function to put shadow on text
・Function to sweeten the pie to shadow of text
2.Icon image
・Selection of image
(Circle,CircleFull,RoundSquare,RoundSquareFull,Droid ,Heart,Square,SquareFull and Folder)
・Selected color of image and setting of permeability
・Setting of gradation
(The direction of the gradation can be selected from Under from On,Right from the Left,Diagonal,Center to Outside )
3.External image
・Image acquisition from other applications (However, limit it to the image to which the length of length and breadth is equal).
・Icon image acquisition from ADW icon packing
・Hand-written icon making
・Setting of permeability of external image
・Setting of size of external image
・Acquire the clipping picture from other pictures.
4. effect picture
(Creation of the icon which has a transparent feeling simply is possible)
Layer changing of external image of icon image of text image of one and 2 and 3 and 4

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