Rise of Sparta: War and Glory

Rise of Sparta: War and Glory
(2700 total ratings on Google Play)
Nox Games / Strategy
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(2700 total ratings on Google Play)


This is Sparta! Lead vast armies of Spartan warriors to conquer all of the world and establish a glorious empire! Be the king of your own realm in the age of war and domination! Play now, it''s free!

Introducing Rise of Sparta: War and Glory - an epic online war strategy game designed for great players. Develop your kingdom, train your army, plan your strategy and conquer all of the world! With the pantheon of Greek gods behind you and loyal allies by your side, you will be unstoppable.

In Rise of Sparta: War and Glory:
- Auto-translation that lets you communicate with players from anywhere in the world
- Lead your army and cavalry to engage in legendary battles and win the day
- Put your strategies to the test and achieve epic victory for the glory of empire
- Forge the ultimate alliance of online players to achieve absolute world supremacy
- Worship and summon the mighty Greek gods to increase military power and production capabilities
- Trade the strategic resources in a real-time online marketplace
- Seize control of ancient Greek city-states to feed your rapidly expanding empire
- Use your smarts to manage strategic resources and fuel your war machine
- Research new technologies to outpace and dominate your less-advanced foes and rivals
- Bolster your kingdom''s defenses against siege of ruthless enemies and rivals
- Explore mysterious caves and ancient battlefields to discover untold treasures
- Conquer darkness and evil in the name of honor and receive the blessings of the righteous Greek pantheons
- There are many more strategic and diplomatic decisions for you to call! Be the king and carve your own path to seize the throne and glory!

The 7th Century B.C.E - age of war and domination, Dorians invaded Laconia. They were what we now call the Spartans. Bravery and honor flows in the blood of Spartans. At the age of 16, every male must undergo a trial of strength. Only those who survive will be respected and be honored as an glorious Spartan warrior. You are the second son of King Leonidas, the greatest king that Sparta ever knew. Your fellow Spartan warriors have waited a long time for this day. Now you must finally band together to conquer the entire world and build a glorious empire that spans the seas. Your legendary journey as the king starts here…

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Spartan empire is celebrating the honor of mighty Hercules! Login to Rise of Sparta to see these Herculean special offers! Play Now! "Rise of Sparta: War and Glory", the most engaging mmo rpg slg of 2014!

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