Transporter Plane 3D

Transporter Plane 3D
(37.739k total ratings on Google Play)
Tapinator / Arcade
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(37.739k total ratings on Google Play)


Let’s take off with another flying adventure. Fly cargo planes and aircrafts and rave about it with your friends. You are a pilot of a Boeing Airplane and the air tower control has just given you the directions for landing. How well can you land and park at the indicated place? The feeling of flying a jumbo transport aircraft is amazing. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience it.
Transport Plane Landing is giving you this fun opportunity for free. Fly the planes with the controls of your choice. Carefully land and park on the carrier as the plane taxis on the runaway. Manage between speed, brake and steering and be the kind of awesome pilot you always wanted to be. With smooth gameplay, more fun and realistic ambiance of an airport, plane landing and parking is ever more fun and challenging.
Transport Plane Landing features:
• 3D Airport-themed environments with two jets including Boeing Jet Airplane and a C-130 Transport Aircraft
• Realistic airport ambiance
• Super cool graphics and carefully crafted animations
• No text and minimal UI, easy for anyone to pick up and play with no instruction
• World famous airports and air-traffic simulations
• Choice of controls with three types of steering options including a steering wheel, buttons or accelerometer based movements and controls

Be the ultimate pilot for your Transport Plane Simulation Game. Its filled with extremely challenging levels and awesome environments. The Application is free , Yes totally free and you can play all episodes and levels without having to pay a cent. You are a Transporter! A pilot and your job is to park transporter plane without doing any damage to luggage. Your job requires extreme care and you have limited time. You will be crashing a lot during this flight. Don''t worry we got you covered !

So buckle up your seat-belts and land this big bird yourself!

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