Kids Toy Car Parking 3D

Kids Toy Car Parking 3D
(1400 total ratings on Google Play)
Tapinator / Racing
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(1400 total ratings on Google Play)


Did you love driving and parking toy cars in your childhood? Well, you can still park your favorite toy cars under your bed, in your dollhouse, on your lawn and on your table. Try the best toy car simulator game in the app store now!

This game provides user-friendly controls and offers realistic simulation of driving and parking all types of toy vehicles including Sports Cars, RC Cars, Rat Racing Cars, Formula1 Cars, Bus''s, Heavy Trucks, American Trucks, and Monster Trucks. Bundled with dozens of missions in eight real environments for a unique addition to traditional parking games.

- Realistic 3D environments depicting toy cars parking lots
- Realistic toy vehicles including Trucks, Buses, Cars, Jeeps and many others
- 60 challenging parking missions
- Continuously upgrading levels and episodes
- Real time driving experiences with realistic precision steering controls, advanced gear box and accurate acceleration/braking

Toy Car Parking provides you ability to drive toy cars, toy bus, toy trucks, toy vehicles and help you recall your favorite toys. If you wish to drive crash into buildings, then this is awesome game for you. You have to be extremely careful not to crash in other vehicles and buildings. Crashing into buildings will ruin your chances of reaching your toy at the home. Further to avoid crash, you can use breaks which when instantly applied can help you recover from crash.

Carry your childhood with you! Get all of your childhood toy cars back in this fully loaded game that''s perfect for both adults and kids!

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