Picture Slide show - CameraAce

Picture Slide show - CameraAce
(13k total ratings on Google Play)
TecAce Software / Photo
Downloads: 500k
(13k total ratings on Google Play)


★★★★★ PhoneArena, selected Camera Ace as one of its Best New Android apps.
★★★★★ Awarded Korea Mobile App Award – The app photo editor (Free app)

** The best way to create photo collections and share them as picture slideshow with background music. Enjoy realistic and fun photography workbench metaphor **

"Love this app!!!!! Would like to share my slideshows with family and friends and add new music choices ... ty for such a fun app!" - Susan - A CameraAce user
“This is one of the best applications - Picture Editor - for adding captions, drawings, and any other alterations to any of the photos within your gallery. ... Good work...!!” - Dan Wilson - A CameraAce user

+ Would you like to share photos with real emotion?
+ Would you like to use an app that has all the essential editing features you need?
+ Would you like to have a dedicated camera shortcut applying effects and organizing the photo?
This photo app utilizes a photography workbench metaphor. Before you take a picture, select a camera from your workbench with an appropriate user specified photography theme (filters, frames, slideshow background music, folders), that can automatically organize your photos(save in a folder) based on their intended subject. You can then share your collection as a photo slide show through Facebook, Twitter, or email.


◎ Slideshow maker : Create and share your photo slideshow with a short link (HTML 5).
-. Includes 15 pieces of gorgeous background music for free in addition to a background sound track with your private music
-. Supports 5 photo Slide show effects - Pan and Zoom, Photobook and fade etc
◎ Pre-organize your photos: automatically edit and sort / group your pictures and then save in a folder - picture album - Syn
◎ Enhanced photo filters/effects/frames, collage and mosaic maker – 4 different ‘HDR’ vividness, vignette effects and
 Polaroid are most popular
- Photo Filters/ Effects: its smart filter intelligently detects faces and applies effects in the perfect spots
- Picture Editor : Crop, rotate and flip photos for the proper orientation
- Mosaic maker(in-app purchase) : create high quality mosaic photo with selected photos and order print via Kodak service.
◎ Scribble, annotation or draw on your photos with a Samsung S-pen or finger.
◎ Photo slide show with background music –a great way to view and browse your photo collections- like powerpoint slideshow
◎ Photo frames with caption feature
◎ Organize (delete, copy and move) your photos in the folders with CameraAce’s photo organization tools.
◎ Photo Print powered by Kodak Kiosk - Order photo prints from CameraAce and pick them up at your nearest TARGET or Bartell store (Currently available in the U.S. only) - powered by Kodak

The default Photography Themes include:
• Food: a theme preset with the HDR indoor filter, Polaroid picture frame and ‘Sweet & Lovable’ background music. Create ‘Food’ picture Album.(Aka, Food Polaroid)

• Landscape: a theme preset with the HDR landscape filter, DoubleNet picture frame and ‘Something Wonderful’ background music. Create ''Landscape'' picture Album

• Me: a “selfie” theme preset with Beauty filter, Notebook picture frame and ‘Sweet and lovable’ background music. Create ''Me'' photo Album. - selfie camera

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* Kodak photo printing service is only available in the U.S

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