Henyo Trainer

Henyo Trainer
(1100 total ratings on Google Play)
Volenday / Puzzle
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(1100 total ratings on Google Play)


Henyo Trainer is a 2 Player Pinoy game. A better alternative past time with your android phone.

Player A will hold the device in front of Player B while not being able to see the display. Player A will then try to guess the word displayed by stating categories of words that might be related to the guess word. Player B will then respond with Yes, No or Maybe. Game will end when the word is successfully guessed by Player A and he/she taps the screen to stop the timer. Try with your friends and see who can guess the words with the shortest time.

Main Menu:

Play - Random words (or words from selected category in settings) will be displayed based on configured time duration.

Custom - Player will input a pre-defined word before the start of the game. If no word is supplied, a random word (or word from selected category in Settings) is displayed. Time duration is again based on the configured setting.

3 Minutes - Try to guess all the words you can in 3 minutes from the 10 pre-selected words based on the configured category from Settings. Tap screen if guess is correct, tilt device sideways to pass word. You can not get back to the skipped words.

Words - Add, View, Edit and Delete words. Re-use words by re-enabling them all from the option menu. Long tapping on the words from the list will allow the user to edit or delete the selected word. You could always delete words that are unknown to you (ex. names) or update to a more familiar word.

Settings - Game settings. Choose a word category, set game duration, maximum number of words for 3 minutes mode, scroll delay or set text font, color and size. Preview settings.


ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - Used by ads to check for network connectivity.

ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION - Used in servings ads based on location.

INTERNET - Used by ads to check for internet availability to download new advertisement.

READ_PHONE_STATE - Used by ads to check for mobile network. The app does not store or send your personal details.

VIBRATE - Device vibration.

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Take note that this application is free and will always be free and is updated during free time.
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