Abula Hero Defense Free

Abula Hero Defense Free
(4200 total ratings on Google Play)
Titan Inc / Action, Arcade
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(4200 total ratings on Google Play)


Magic Tower Defense Game! Abula Heroes Tower Defense is set in the fantasy land of magic and collects the elements of fantasy, friendship, revenge, and self-improvement. It breaks the mode of achieving victory through simple formation deploying, a typical means adopted in traditional tower defense games. Heroes can purchase props from stores to equip themselves, which greatly upgrades the playability of the game. In the game, the heroes are to achieve the final victory against the enemies through careful deployment.

1. 5 scenes: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Comprehensive, each with 4 stages and 1 hidden stage, 25 stages.
2. 7 type of tower: the local mercenary, the swordman, the fire mage, the water mage, the air mage, the earth mage and the catapult. The local mercenary and the swordmen can only attack land forces, while the four mages can attack both land and air forces. All the defense heroes can be upgraded, but only the swordman and four types of mages can equip themselves.
3. Store and equipment: props can be traded at the store, and heroes can equip or undo the props in the scene of equipment.

This Tower Defense game has beautifully designed scenes and is easy to operate. Download it now and recommend to your friends!

If you are a tower defense fan of games like Lair Defense, Empire Defense, Robo Defense, Myth Defense, Grave Defense you shoud give Abula Tower Defense a try!

***Difference with full version***
Full version
new tower, Ballista(splash damage)
50 stages
More equip items
Reward more gold
No ads

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