Brain Training

Brain Training
(5500 total ratings on Google Play)
Tolan / Puzzle
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(5500 total ratings on Google Play)


This free app will boost your brain performance, by increasing your short-term memory, visual memory and concentration.

Constant brain training is essential both for kids mind development and for keeping brain active and not aging for adults. This app is suitable for any gender, age and profession. You can train each day and observe your progress by unlocking subsequent achievements.

How to play:
When you start a game, you will see several colored balls. Your goal will be to remember their colors. After several seconds the balls will turn grey, and one color will be selected. You will have to find balls that had selected color. If you succeed, you will go to next level, with more balls. If you make a mistake, next time the numbers of balls will be decreased by one. You will have 3 attempts. After third mistake test will finish and your brain score will be computed.

Sounds simple? Try yourself and check how many objects you can keep in your short-term memory. 7? 10? 15? Keep playing and see how your short term memory expands during training. For those who are serious about self-improvement, there are several achievements to unlock. If you really want to try yourself, there is also paid app with many different games and lots of achievements.

This game has two special modes:
* Quick game mode: play until first mistake. Time to remember colors is shortened, but score is doubled.
* Training mode: play without time limit. You can decide by yourself how much time do you need to remember colors, but you are not awarded any score for playing this mode.

== Additional notes ===
* In progress chart, scores worse than half of best previous score are not displayed.
* If you liked this game, please give us 5 stars.
* If you want more tests, more achievements and more fun, we invite you to try Einstein''s Challenge Full game.

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