Ant Killer

Ant Killer
(450 total ratings on Google Play)
Tolan / Casual
Downloads: 50.0k
(450 total ratings on Google Play)


Best Ant Killing Game on the market! Try it now for FREE!

Smash ants with your finger, fight with huge mutant-ants, avoid wasps and unlock tons of badges. Defend your screen from ant invasion in this exciting and addictive casual game. It is simple and intuitive gameplay for kids - boys and girls, young and adults. See for yourself, how satisfying and relaxing is to trash hundreds of ants with a gentle finger tap. This is the perfect opportunity to wreck and crash bunch of those little monsters and fully master in speed and precision. Each gameplay lasts about a minute, so you can play it everywhere whenever you have some free time.

This game is totally FREE! It does not install any unwanted software and you can always remove it. So do not hesitate and download it!

What this game offers:

* Thrilling and relaxing entertainment.

* Beautiful graphic and great sound effects.

* Insects of various sizes and behaviour.

* Over 25 badges to unlock.

* Scoreboard and progress chart to show your improvement over time.

* Unlimited use.

* Addictive and stress-busting gameplay.

How to play:

There are 3 types of insects in this game:

* Regular ants - of various colours and species. They die after one hit. Tap them with your finger before the reach the bottom of the screen. You will get additional risk bonus for regular ant: 1, 2 or 3 points, depending on how close to bottom of the screen the ant is. So it is sometimes better to let the ant move closer...

* Mutant ants - of various colours, species and sizes. Each next that you encounter will be larger and have more hit points than the previous one. They require many taps to kill. Each will restore one of your lost lives. However, if you let even a single mutant ant to cross the screen, you loose the whole game immediately.

* Wasps - DO NOT TOUCH THEM. Wasps will sting you which will cost you one life. Let them pass unharmed and they will fly away.

Additional notes:

* This game will not install any additional software on your phone and it will not show too many ads.

* This ant smashing game also supports tablet devices, so you can unleash the force on the big screen

* If you like it, please give us 5 stars!

* This game was brought to you by TOLAN. Stay tuned for more exciting games!

* Special thanks for sounds used to Mike Koenig and soundbible.com

Comments from our marketing team:

“This is probably not the most chilled-out game you will play...You will have to Smash, Hit, Crush, Kill, Wreck, Slam and Tap those crazy little monsters - but you will see that this is an amazing stress-busting exercise”

“Smash all the ants, crush them with the power of your finger, release all the stress of your life by killing those little insects and finally relax achieving the throne of the best ant smasher of the world.”

“It may seem to be an easy time killer that keeps your mind busy, cure for boredom, perfect to pass the time of long trips - but in fact it is a real challenge to fully master and perfectly defend this killer bug invasion!”

“It’s the easy and simple gameplay you all know and love - but with better graphics.”

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