Missed Message Flasher Free

Missed Message Flasher Free
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(1500 total ratings on Google Play)


Flash the screen, play a sound, or vibrate at set intervals when a new message is received or when a call is missed. Useful on phones without an LED indicator.

Monitors: Calendar, Email (stock app), GO SMS Pro, Gmail, Google+ Messenger, Google Talk, Google Voice, K9 mail, missed calls, notification tone, SMS/text, Skype (IM), WhatsApp, etc.

How To Use:
★ Lock the phone (turn off the screen) to activate the app.
★ When an SMS, Gmail, missed call, etc. is received, the app will repeatedly flash the screen, vibrate or play a sound depending on your settings.
★ To stop the notification, simply unlock the phone (use the phone/turn on the screen).

★ If you have a SAMSUNG device and hear "Talkback" or "folder is open/closed" voices, please note that this is a bug in some Samsung devices (see: http://goo.gl/JUyJu). Work-arounds you can try: (1) Use another launcher like Nova Launcher, ADW, GO Launcher, etc. to replace Samsung''s TouchWiz. (2) Turn off Accessibility (note: this does limit the apps we can monitor). (3) Turn off TTS (note: this will disable speaking of street names in Navigation, for example) by going to Android''s App Manager, ALL, then disable Google TTS and Samsung TTS.
★ Low vibration intensity (or none) on SAMSUNG devices: Go to Android''s System Settings, Sound, Vibration Intensity and set the intensity for Haptic Feedback. You don''t need to enable haptic feedback, just adjust the intensity setting. This value appears to be used on some devices even for a non-haptic feedback vibrate.
★ If you''re using CM 10.1, the Accessibility setup screen may not work correctly if you enter it from within the app. Please go to the Home Screen, System Menu, then Accessibility instead.
★ If you''re using a device that slowly ramps up to full screen-on, you may need to increase the default screen-on duration.
★ If you''re using a 3rd party lockscreen or disabled it, try unchecking "Normal Lock Checking." Please see http://tomatox.com/mmf#smi for more information.
★ Please avoid installing on SD/external memory as it can cause startup problems.
★ For setup help, please click Help or go to http://tomatox.com/mmf
★ UPGRADE or UNINSTALL problems? Please disable "Advanced/Force Screen Lock" and/or "Advanced/Lock After Missed Call".
★ Other problems? Please email -- I can''t reply in comments.

Please consider Donate version if you like this app. It adds sleep schedule, on/off widget and removes the Ads. Thank you for your support! ^_^

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