Baby Names and Meanings

Baby Names and Meanings
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Are you looking for baby names and meanings? This baby names app will help you to find the perfect baby name and the meaning of names.

Most of the names for babies that we use today have an historical meaning in the form that it is used today or in its original form. Meanings of names have always been a way for people with different origins to pass on traditions and cultural heritages to the next generation.

Baby names for boys often have its origin in strong historical and religious figures or in desirable personal qualities for a man. Baby names for girls often have the same characteristics but since the historical women seldom were portrait as strong the names meaning often are words describing beauty or wisdom.

Origin of names can sometimes surprise you, when you also find the original names and meanings, but there is always a logical historical explanation to how the most popular baby names today still are used and why they have changed form. In a more recent history many Italian names and Irish names changed form after the big migration to America in the 18th century. Many slaves also were brought to the new land by colonizers who deprived the slaves of their African names, today many people of African heritage are taking names related to their historical origin.

Finding names for babies can be hard and you seldom feel convinced that you have found the right name for your child until the baby is born and you can hold it for the first time. Picking a name out of a hat or using a baby names generator can give you some names to consider but the felling when you hold your child for the first time will always help you in to decide the baby name.

In this baby names app you will find unusual baby names and popular baby names. Unique baby names can sometimes be a burden for children in younger ages but grooving up they will learn to appreciate the heritage they received.

All names are divided into boy names and girl names, you are able to select your favorite names and put them in a separate file to choose from. We have listed baby girl names and baby boy names from all over the world and all names are divided into countries, or continent, to make easier for the user to find baby names meanings related to their own origin. Instead of buying a baby names book you can use this portable names dictionary to find the perfect baby names and meanings for your child.

Even if you are not having a child it could be interesting for you to find out more about the meaning of names used in your family or the origin of names that are used today.

Download baby names and meanings free now and find top baby names from all over the world; the most complete and best baby names app on the market today!

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