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Cat Names
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How do I find the best cat names to choose from when to name my kitten? Find the purrrfect cat name; we have collected all the best female cat names and male cat names for you to choose from in this app!

Names for cats will stick with you for many human and cat years so you will have to come up with some suitable and unique cat names to choose from.

The cat name should say something about the looks and the character of my kitten. All cats are not suitable for a cool cat names or a funny cat names. We have listed all the most popular cat names for you to choose from in this app. Compile your favorite names in a separate list and then decide from your favorites which one matches your kittens’ personality the best.

As a cat owner you should name your cat something that you will not be ashamed to call out if your cat runs away. Using your cat whistle can attract your cat’s attention but cat sounds like that will surely attract all other cats’ attention as well.

We can only provide a list of famous cat names for new become cat owners to choose from, but to find that unique cat name you need get to know your kitten a little better. It takes more than a cat name generator to find a perfect name; the name should be something that you see in your cat’s eye. The name should help to identify your cat and cannot be randomly picked.

Below you will find some tips on how to find good cat names for your new best friends:

You can use a cat facts book or take part in a cat quiz to find out more about different cat breeds and what kind of characteristics that is typical for the breed.

You can look at cat pictures to find out about how your kitten will look when it is all grown up.

When choosing boy cat names or girl cat names don’t make it too cute, cats will not be kittens forever and cute cat names may eventually not be suitable.

Listen for any special cat noises or cat effects; this could be a meow or a jump or some other specific sound or effect that adds to your kitten’s character.

Find out what kind of cat games for cats that your kitten likes, e.g. some kitten´s love to run and others are interested in a more physical competitive cat game.

We hope that this information and our cat app with list of the best cat names will help you to find the perfect name for your new best friend.

Download the best of cat apps free now and find the perfect name for small, big, white cat or black cat. We will help you to find the purrrfect name for whatever size, color or kinds of cat breed may you have!

You could name your cat Tom, Garfield or Kitty, but where is the originality in that?

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