Phaker - Fake Call & SMS

Phaker - Fake Call & SMS
(780 total ratings on Google Play)
TouchFlick Studios / Entertainment
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(780 total ratings on Google Play)


Want to fake your way out of an awkward situation? Want to show your kids that Santa is calling to check up on them? Did you forget to make that important call yesterday and now you''re in trouble? Want to make it look like some hot chick or stud is txting you?

NO WORRIES! Phaker has got you covered!

And, Oh yeah... it''s FREE unlike the other fake caller & SMS apps that will only give you access to half their features

Phaker can make and schedule multiple fake calls and fakeSMS/Txt messages from your contacts, famous people spoofs, a PRIVATE NUMBER, or any name and number you enter. You can even add the fake calls and fake SMS/Txt to the call & message logs and make fake call log & message log entries from the past so it looks like the call really did happen!

With Phaker you can...

☆ Spoof, prank, or get an excuse to get out of any situation.
☆ Fake incoming, outgoing, & missed calls.
☆ Fake sent & received SMS/Txt messages and choose whether they are read or unread.
☆ Customize incoming fake calls''s ringtone & vibration settings.
☆ Pick from a list of celebrities, famous people, and historic icons such as Justin Bieber, Muhammad Ali, Santa Claus, JFK and more to receive a fake SMS/Txt message from them.
☆ Schedule a fake call or fake SMS/Txt message to occur now, in a timed delay, or on a specific date & time.
☆ Select caller & photo from your contacts, from a list of famous people, from a PRIVATE NUMBER, or from any name and number you enter.
☆ Choose whether you want to receive a real SMS/Txt notification and choose the message icon.
☆ Pick and preview the ringtone you wish to use for each call.
☆ Select caller & photo from your contah to use for each call.
☆ Select from 4 different type of answer voices that will be played when you pick up the call.
☆ Let it ring and receive a missed call notification.
☆ Add the call or SMS/Txt to the call log or message log when its made.
☆ Add fake entries to the call and message logs from the past or in the future.

Look for more exciting feature to be added to Phaker in the near future including:
☆ Proximity Sensor option to make sure the call looks like a real call.
☆ Fake Schedule Log to add/edit/delete fake calls & messages.
☆ Fake caller widget.
☆ More phone screens.
☆ Larger celeb database.
☆ And much more!

There''s no way for us to respond to your comments on Android Market. Please report any problem to feedback at touchflick.com. If the fake call screens don''t look like the real ones, let us know as we want to support as many devices as possible

If you like this app, please rate ★★★★★ stars on the Android Market to encourage us, and also please help to recommend this app to your friends, Thanks.

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