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You can get Latitude paid version without ads here - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.triladroid.gps_pro

With this Latitude app you can share location in 2 ways:
- Share your own gps location with anyone you want - as link or as GPS coordinates
- Share location of some point on the map. For example if you want to meet someone in some place and want to send him location of that place on the map.

When you launch Latitude Location Share you will see your current gps location on the map. And you will see latitude and longitude of your gps location in the left corner of the map. If you want to share your location hit Share button near latitude and longitude coordinates. It is the easiest way to share location!

If you don''t want to share your location and want to share some other location (based on latitude and longitude) instead, just click the place that you need in the map and you will see green marker appear. To share blue marker you should click Share green marker location button near marker latitude and longitude coordinates. To remove green marker from the map, klick it again and it will disappear. Or press target button to move map to your current gps location and remove green marker. This way you can share location of any place of the map!

This Latitude app allows you to see your current gps location (based on latitude and longitude) on the map and share location whenever you want. You can share your GPS location (latitude and longitude) on the map with your friends and your family when you want to! It is possible to share location even if there is no internet!

Send your location (latitude and longitude) link or GPS coordinates to your friends to meet with you by email, sms, facebook, hangouts, Google+, Skype, Twitter or any other possible way. It is possible to share your gps location by sending the link to the google map where your gps location will be marked with marker. The link to google map with your gps location (latitude and longitude) will allow you to find your friend and show your gps location on the map whenever you need to. It was never easier to share location!

Location sharing works the best when GPS is enabled this way latitude and longitude will be determined the best way. But even if you don’t have GPS or WiFi available right now in your area, this Latitude app will try to locate you in the most precise way. And you can share location via sms!

There is no need for registration to share your location and your friends don''t have to install this Latitude app or any other apps to receive your location. When you share your location, Latitude does not share your location in any way with a third party. Only you decide with whom to share your location. Also Latitude location share does not run in the background and in this way it saves your battery. Share your location everywhere with anyone you want.

In last update we added possibility to see your location (latitude and longitude) on different kinds of maps including satellite. Also we added 3 templates for share location text:
- coordinates (latitude and longitude) - share location by coordinates
- link to your latitude and longitude - share location by link
- link and coordinates to your latitude and longitude - share location by coordinates and link

Please, don''t downvote if something doesn''t work. Just write me an e-mail at triladroid@gmail.com and I''ll try to help with all your problems!

Or write your questions about location sharing on our facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Latitude/1461777317410125

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