UBS Mobile Banking

UBS Mobile Banking
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UBS Mobile Banking

The UBS Mobile Banking app keeps your bank within reach at all times. Whether you want to check account and credit card transactions, analyze your expenses, make payments, get updated on financial markets or make trades, you can take care of all of your banking business whenever you have time, no matter where you are.

Content and functions in detail:
• Directly execute payments with the payment wizard and the payment slip scanner and approve e-bills
• Know where your money is going – thanks to the Personal Financial Assistant. The app will allow you to analyze your categorized expenses, manually categorize your expenses while on the go and display your budgets and savings goals.
• Account balances and the most recent credits and debits, along with all booking details
• All spending with UBS credit cards, the available balance and the last statement
• Portfolio with the market value of your net assets, performance, detailed positions and transactions
• Quotes with information on financial market trends and details on specific financial instruments; create and manage virtual portfolios
• Buy and sell securities
• Activate UBS Mobile Banking and set up accounts, cards, custody accounts and portfolios directly in the app

• Banking relationship with UBS in Switzerland
• Domicile in one of the countries listed under www.ubs.com/mobile
• Valid "Declaration for UBS Online Services" and "Regulation of Access Authorization for UBS Online Services" (UBS e-banking agreement)
• Mobile phone with Android OS, version 2.1 and up

Activation and login:
1. When using the service for the first time, you can activate UBS Mobile Banking directly in the app. Alternatively, you can also activate it in UBS e-banking by going to "Settings > Mobile Services > Mobile Banking".
2. The following options are also available for login: Access Card with NFC for wireless exchange of access data, Access Card Display with built-in card reader function, and Access Card with card reader. Private individuals can order Access Cards for convenient, on-the-go access to UBS Mobile Banking by going to "Products" in UBS e-banking. Businesses and institutions should contact Support.
3. If you just want information about your accounts, portfolios and cards and do not effect payments or securities transactions, you can simply log in with your password (which can be set in UBS e-banking under "Settings > User profile > Password").

The UBS Mobile Banking app offers you the same level of security familiar to you from UBS e-banking. Log in with your personal Access Card, which stores your access data securely, along with your personal PIN. Still, be sure to follow the security tips below:

1. Protect your mobile phone from unauthorized access with a password/PIN.
2. Only use the UBS security features (such as agreement number, PIN, etc.) to log in to the UBS Mobile Banking app, never for a third-party app.
3. Never disclose personal information, particularly security details, to anyone who asks for such unsolicited information by phone, e-mail, SMS, letter or fax – even if the requesting party might appear to be UBS.

We wish to point out that by downloading, installing and/or utilizing this application and, in connection therewith, through points of reference to third parties (e.g. App Stores, network operators, device manufacturers) it may be possible to deduce a client relationship with UBS. Bank/client confidentiality can no longer be guaranteed in the event of the possible disclosure of the banking relationship and, where applicable, of client information to third parties (e.g. in the event that the end device is lost).

Downloading or using this app may incur charges from the respective mobile telecommunications provider.

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