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This application is designed to work with the eBook reader Aldiko. It allows you to sync your books and bookmarks across your devices using your Dropbox account.

** Note **

The app requires a rooted device to work with Aldiko v2.2.0+. This is because Aldiko no longer allows other apps access to its database.

** Note **

If you have an issue with the app, please use the in-app "Report Issue" feature, so I can address it as quickly as possible.

** Before complaining about the sync frequency in the Pro version, please read the entry about it in the FAQ here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1253576 **



* Android 2.1+
* Aldiko 2.0.2+ (Premium or Free)
* Rooted device (Aldiko 2.2.0+)
* Dropbox account


* Synchronizes eBooks across devices (including addition of new books and deletion of old books)
* Synchronizes your position in each eBook across devices.
* Pro Version: Fully automatic sync.
* Pro Version: Faster sync check for changes on Dropbox.
* Pro Version: Trigger sync from an external application (like a Tasker/Locale plugin).
* Ability to store deleted books in a separate "TrashCan" folder on Dropbox in case you want to retrieve it at a later date.
* Ability to always sync to furthest read point (like the Kindle)

Current Limitations:

* User defined bookmarks are not synced across devices.

Change Log:

8.10.10, 20-Aug-2014
* Bug-Fix: Fix connection issue with Dropbox servers.

8.10.8, 15-Mar-2014
* Bug-Fix: Fix sync issues on certain rooted Samsung devices with custom ROM''s.
* Bug-Fix: (Pro Version) Fix sync not triggering when key guard was disabled on devices with Android OS 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or earlier.
* Bug-Fix: Fix compatibility issue with Android OS 4.4 (KitKat)

8.10.2, 10-Feb-2014
* Bug-Fix: Fix incompatibility issue on rooted MotoX and MotoG devices with Aldiko 2.2.0+.
* Bug-Fix: Fix occasional failure to detect the existence of Aldiko''s database on rooted devices during the sync app''s first run.

8.9.4, 02-Nov-2013
* Bug-Fix: Fix compatibility issue with databases created with Aldiko 3.0.2.
* Bug-Fix: Fix for occasional crashes reported when showing warning dialog boxes.
* Bug-Fix: Fix crash when trying to launch Aldiko from within the sync app due to corrupted Aldiko install.

8.9.2, 26-Jul-2013
* Support for Dropbox''s two-factor authentication.
* Updated app to fix issues on Android OS 4.3 (JellyBean MR2)

8.8.8, 19-May-2013
* Bug-Fix: Updated fix for Dropbox login form issue. Ensure form doesn''t "freeze" if wrong data is entered the first time.
* Add ACCESS_SUPERUSER permission. Root is required if device has Aldiko 2.2.0 or later versions installed.
* Bug-Fix: Fix issue with Dropbox login form on Gingerbread devices.
* Bug-Fix: Fix occasional one-time crash on startup when app was upgraded/installed.
* Bug-Fix: (Pro Version) Fix occasional crash on service restart.

8.8.5, 23-Mar-2013
* Bug-Fix: Fix issue with Dropbox login form on some devices.

8.8.3, 11-Dec-2012
* Add support for Aldiko 2.2.3.
* Add instructions for downgrading to Aldiko 2.1.0 if device cannot be rooted.
* Bug-Fix: Fix occasional crash when the initial message dialog was dismissed.
* Bug-Fix: Fix occasional crash when Dropbox login form was shown.

8.7.42, 28-Nov-2012
* Bug-Fix: (Pro Version) Fix automatic sync not triggering reliably on quitting Aldiko on Android OS 4.1 (Jelly Bean) on some devices.
* Bug-Fix: (Pro Version) Fix automatic sync being deactivated under certain circumstances when either the sync app or Aldiko was updated.
* Bug-Fix: (Pro Version) Fix initial notification popup not being shown when Aldiko was quit with the "Home" key.
* Bug-Fix: Fix network connection leak issue with the Dropbox API.
* Display a one-time message explaining the rooted device requirement if Aldiko 2.2.0+ is installed on the device.

Complete change history available at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1253576

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