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Baby Games
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Baby Games includes three different games thought to entertain you baby in a secure manner.

The thing I hope you will like the most is that most of the phone buttons, if not all, are disabled. (There are several combinations of buttons that are very difficult to ignore in Android phones like for instance pressing the home button on an Android 4 device).

In any case you will see that the phone buttons are disabled in most cases, this helps preventing your baby to accidentally make a call or exit the game. It is only you who can exit the application by going to the Parents menu which is code protected.

Your baby will enjoy 3 apps:
1. Baby Draw Free, a very simple drawing application. I didn''t want to include many features in it as it is thought for 1 to 3 year old babies, although it includes some enhancements that I hope you will like.

The application will play music sounds as your baby moves his finger over the screen and paints. It will also play a longer rewarding sound if the trace is long, to help your baby keep engaged with the game.

It includes a menu to select the pen color, or the cute rainbow color and an eraser in case it is you who is painting with your baby :)

2. Baby Animals, with very cute pictures of animals which make real animal sounds and move as your baby taps over them.

3. Baby Gallery, the most simple and yet probably the most enjoyable one. It is just the standard Android Picture Gallery with a simplified interface based on buttons which should be easier for your baby and will show your own pictures and videos, but your baby will not be able to get out of it so she/he will enjoy watching a movie or a cartoon episode or just the family pictures. And of course your baby will not be able to remove any pictures because all those features of the standard Android gallery are disabled.

The app is free and supported by unobtrusive ads which will never appear in the main screen your baby will be interacting with as the ad is only shown on the Parent Menu and Exit screen, protected by a code.

Please check the screenshots and send me your comments!

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