Auto 4 Android™Message Reader

Auto 4 Android™Message Reader
(2000 total ratings on Google Play)
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(2000 total ratings on Google Play)


Use "Auto for Android™" if you don''t have Android Auto in your car.

►trigger for music or navigation apps
►Read messages aloud, announcer for SMS, Whatsapp, Kakao Talk, Telegram, Viber, Line, Facebook messenger, Hangout, Gmail in your handsfree, car speakerphone or headset
►You can answer by voice response (SMS, whatsapps, etc.)
►starts when your smartphone connects with another device like handsfree, wireless headset, headphones, charger or widget

-Plays audio by streaming in bluetooth devices without audio multimedia support. If you want to listen the bluetooth device (like the car speakerphone)
-Some apps like Waze run in background. When this app stops Waze, it is still running in background. you must stop Waze by hand. Waze has a high energy consuption
-You can pay 1$ to disable ads
-it is not necessary to automatically start Message apps like Whatsapp to read it.

-announcer read messages aloud and you can response by voice (Whatsapp, Telegram, SMS, Viber, Line, Facebook messenger, Hangout). Bluetooth MAP support in your car speakerphone (you have to select the user by hand, except with SMS)
-Widget2 to enable/disable streaming and message reader

Uses like Bluetooth Launcher or Auto Connect:
►Starts messages reader (announcer)
Reads SMS, Whatsapp, kakao talk, Telegram, Viber, Line, Kik, Facebook messenger, Hangout at home with the charger or in the car speakerphone connection by bluetooth
►Music in the car speakerphone, headset or at home
streaming music apps, music players and radio
►GPS navigators or apps to avoid traffic
Navigators or detect traffic jams or radars in the car
►Tv online
Online TV apps or video players like YouTube
Sports training apps start automatically with bluetooth devices or headphones
►Other apps
facebook, twitter or search engines that can be thrown 2 on 1 automatically or with the widget (shortcut) in Samsungs (multiwindows support)

-Widget is a shortcut to launch 2 apps and messages
Samsung users can use "MultiWindows" support to auto launch two apps in the same screen
Multiwindows won''t open 2 apps in the screen if the phone is blocked

-Streaming audio for bluetooth devices without audio multimedia
Steaming audio doesn''t work in all devices and the quality of the sound is low. Streaming audio plays the music like if it were a call

Preselected Android Auto Apps:
►Instaled Apps
►Car: Maps, GPS Navigators, radar detectors, copilots, traffic info, cheap gas finders
►Sport Training or tracking your routes like endomondo
►Music: tune in internet Radio, listen music players, audio-books and sounds apps like Pandora
►Voice recognizers
►Multiwindows for Samsung have a list of apps with multiwindows support

Pre-Android Auto has been tested in a Samsung note 2, a Ford Focus'' handsfree and an BT headset.

This FREE app has some functionalities of Android Auto, we are improving it. If you find difficulties or errors, please email to administrador@vaipho.com

Twitter @vaipho
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