Kids Note for day care center.

Kids Note for day care center.
(3400 total ratings on Google Play)
Kids Note, Inc. / Communication
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(3400 total ratings on Google Play)


Essential application for your day care center! Kids Note! (Smart daily reports for your kids)

Dear institute directors! Enhance your institute''s competency with Kids Note!

How do the current users feel about the Kids Note service?

Ok-Kyung Son (2014.5.16, 10:14 AM) - parents
Kids Notes changes my life! Communication with teachers has been improved and getting more smooth for myself as a working mom. I used to forget preparations for my kids due to busy work and lost the chance to communicate with director and teachers. By now with Kids Note, I can always check the institute''s notices anytime, anywhere and interact with teachers easily. Moreover, having kids via Kids Note album lets me feel closely connected with my kids at work and I never lost writing the medication request. I sincerely love the Kids Note service and hope Kids Note develop ever after.

Hyun-Ju Chun (2014.5.10, 1:16 PM) - parents
A big two thumbs up for Kids Note! All the function of Kids Note is amazing and highly beneficial for all the kids'' mom and papa. Even more amazing thing is...how the Kids Note service engages father into childcare. Many fathers are too busy with work to take care of children during week day. Kids Notes is the momentum of fathers being closer to kids!

Google user (2013.10.22) - parents
One of the best applications ever! Since last year, I sent my kid to day care center. I''m a type of person with lots of concerns, such as today''s meal, sleep hours, today''s activities, etc. Having used Kids Note, all my worries are clearly gone. Having daily alarms of new photo albums, daily reports, I could actually see what my kids are doing now! Also with medication request feature, I have no worry of concerning of medication. I cheer all the best for Kids Note!

Google user (2013.6.29) - teacher
I am a fan of Kids Note. When we use the daily paper reports and print on paper for notices, medication requests, etc, I almost have no time but with caring for children in day time. I need to neatly write down the reports, use correction paper for errors, print color photos and glue those down... However, now with Kids Note, I can communicate with parents with ease and convenience. Moreover, when I request some new features to Kids Note, they always are receptive of customers'' voice. I love Kids Note!

▣ Experience Kids Note service now!
- From the day care center, no need to print all the notices / newsletter with paper! Send it via Kids Note quickly easily.
- From the paper daily reports which could be lost or corrupted, to the smart daily reports via smartphone and PC!
- Easy private communication between director / teacher and each parent (private 1:1 communication)
- No burden of sharing all-year long photos
- For teachers, more time to take care of children, for parents, always get connected with your kids even at work!

▣ Easy on your PC and your Smartphone!
- Send the daily reports / notices anytime and anywhere!
- Privacy strictly protected - phone number never disclosed!
- Working mom and dad always can check their kids via Kids Note!

▣ Want to start Kids Note?
1. First, director needs to sign up for Kids Note via smartphone or PC
2. After director''s signing up for Kids Note, invite teachers and parents
3. Use the Kids Note service now

▣ Kids Note! Wow!
- Teachers'' phone number strictly protected
- Reduced time for writing daily reports into less than 1 min
- All in one at Kids Note - institute website, managing daily reports, delivering notices and newsletter
- Anytime and anywhere with Kids Note, even on your global business trip
- Easy photo & file sharing

▣ Contact
- Kakao talk: kidsnote
- Web : www.kidsnote.com
- Facebook : www.facebook.com/kidsnote
- Blog : blog.naver.com/kidsnoteblog
- Mail : contact@kidsnote.com

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