Veldroid SpeedCamAlert

Veldroid SpeedCamAlert
(1800 total ratings on Google Play)
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(1800 total ratings on Google Play)


GPS widget to warn about speed cameras while keeping your phone in your pocket.

Please read this Q&A below before you start using this application!

Question: What makes this application special?
Answer: It can be placed on your home screen and runs in the background, so there is no interaction needed. Once started up (see: installation & starting instructions or video) needs no maintenance and you can forget about it. Just keep your phone in your pocket, and let it warn you with acoustic and vibrating alerts when heading towards speed traps over speed limit.

Question: how to install and start?
Answer: "SpeedCamAlert" is a widget(!) application.
Download and install the application first. Than hold your finger on an empty spot on the home screen until "Add to Home screen" dialog appears. Choose "Widgets". There you should see "SpeedCamAlert" in the list. Tap on it and it is going to start the widget on the spot where you started the procedure. Do not expect to "open" after download!
Watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_VW578PHU10

Question: Will drain the battery?
Answer: No, or at least tries not to do so. There is a battery saving algorithm implemented to detect stationary situations which is about 85% of a normal person''s time.

Question: Can it be used together with other sw?
Answer: Yes! Since it runs in the background, it is compatible with all applications running in the foreground, like navigation or speed monitoring etc. For example you can use it with with your own navigation sw or Google Maps Navigation. The warnings will have their effect!

Question: What countries are covered?
Answer: Offline database covers the following countries:
Austria, Andorra, Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia&H, Brazil, Canada, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, France, Finland, Lichtenstein, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, HongKong, Italy, Israel, Iceland, Ireland, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Latvia, Lithuania, Morocco, Norway, New Zealand, Portugal, Poland, People Republic of China, South Korea, Rumania, Republic of South Africa, Russia, Sweden, Republic of San Marino, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey, Taiwan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United States of America.

Question: can the database be updated?
Answer: Yes! Just download from the market the application updates. Every update has fresh/updated speed camera db.

Question: Is the this application free?
Answer: There is a trial period of 3+ days while you have the full featured application available. Counting starts at the first start-up. When the trial period is over, the warning features will be locked. For unlocking just tap on "Unlock" button in the settings window.

Question: what phones are supported?
Answer: all handsets are supported

Question: What Android versions are supported?
Answer: all Android versions are supported

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