Limousine City Parking 3D two

Limousine City Parking 3D two
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(1700 total ratings on Google Play)


Finally its here more levels more limo’s, it’s limousine city parking 3D two the second part in the Limousine City Parking 3D series. This 3D parking game is all about parking and driving a big stretch limousine. Just as in his predecessor this game is full with limousines with big butts and, huge large rotation angles. So you think you already know how to drive a lio right, well think again.

This means you are still not ready to pick up passengers, before doing his you still need more practice. You need to learn how to drive within the city limits, of course the streets of the city are full of traffic. Thats why we let you practice in an almost empty parking lot, Leave enough distance all around the limo, not only for your steering space but also in case other vehicles will not see your limousine. Thats why you always leave enough distance all around the limo. Driving a limo is almost the same as driving a bus you need to take the corners in the same way as a bus or a dumptruck.

3D parking games with cars and other vehicles are nothing compared to driving a limousine in this 3D parking game, yeah drivers driving a limo is not easy. You need to consider the type of limousine the brake slow, you need to be very careful with sopping. Because it takes longer to let a big stretch limo stop then a regular size car. Limos are heavier than normal cars, they have more weight, make wider turns and turn slowly.

Limousine city parking 3D two is a cool new 3D parking game that gives you the chance to drive something else than a regular size car, truck, bus or even a tank! The big challenge in this 3D parking game is to finish the level before all the time is gone. So do not take too long with finding the parking spot and manoeuvring the stretch limousine in the right position.
Every limousine driver has everything he needs to control his limo with, brake and accelerator pedals. You change the view so you can take a look from inside the limo at the situation. Sometimes you need to race to the parking spot, so you got enough time left to park the limousine.

We hope you will have fun and will enjoy our newest parking simulator game from VascoGames.

Limousine City Parking 3D two is a parking game that you can download and play for free!
Game features
- Four different limousine
- 20 different parking levels each level has its own parking challenge
- Real life limo parking situations
- Realistic limousine Controls
- Great dynamic gameplay
- Extreme precision driving simulator
- Park according to the arrow in the parking place
- Time is not on your side, you got limited time to park successfully
- More exciting city limousine parking levels will follow

So get your specialized limo licenses and make everyone proud and show them that you are a real limousine driver who knows how to drive a big limousine in the city. We hope you will enjoy this parking game and drive safely. Please give use some support by rating our game or by liking our Facebook page or follow us on twitter!.

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