Remote Control Toy Helicopter

Remote Control Toy Helicopter
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(1800 total ratings on Google Play)


Remote Control Toy Helicopter is a cool looking RC helicopter simulation. With this free RC helicopter game you learn to master the intricate flight controls of a real RC helicopter without risking your very expensive RC helicopter in your inexperienced hands. This RC helicopter flight simulator give you cool looking RC copters to fly around with. Besides if you crash your model here it will not cost you anything. Just push replay and try again.

So learn to fly without any fear of crashing, once you get the hang of it then go outside and try your real RC Heli when you already possess the skills necessary to fly the little copter. So start flying right away with Remote control Toy helicopter a super cool 3D game free for android.

You can use your remote control to guide the helicopter in the right direction. You can change the view of the game by pushing the above button. From this view you see you helicopter from behind and not from the spot where you are standing.

If you love RC helicopter simulators or games you are going to love to play Remote Control Toy Helicopter.

Remote Control Toy Helicopter game features:

- Crash, smash and burn your Remote control helicopter without no extra cost.
- Change the view from standing position to back view cam and fly around
- Get the chance to fly something special a remote control helicopter is something else then a big airplane, or other aviation vehicle.
- Loads of missions 20 different RC helicopter missions, pick up the remote control and fly away.
- Watch out for everything in your path, time is not on your side. Time is challenging you to finish quickly

Are you looking for RC helicopter games then try to fly away with remote control toy helicopter? rc This is a cool helicopter simulator app and free to play. No in app purchase free download and play so have fun with this 3D rc heli action game.

VascoGames is therefore happy to bring you this 3D Remote Control Toy Helicopter game. This is a new android RC Helicopter flight simulator, we hope you will enjoy to this cool new 3D RC flight game. To keep up-to-date about new levels and new Helicopter that will be added please follow us on Facebook or Twitter!

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