American truck 3D Driving

American truck 3D Driving
(1700 total ratings on Google Play)
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(1700 total ratings on Google Play)


Alright you can drive a car, you can drive a bus maybe you can even drive a RV around on the parking lot. But did you ever drive around in a real American pickup truck. In this new and most addictive physics-based free truck 3D driving simulator you get the change to hit, smash or crash into everything on your way. Or you can try to park your car without any damage in the right parking spot in this car racing game. So avoid crashing into other vehicles and running into buildings when you driving around in your sick 3D American pickup truck on the asphalt.

Test your skills when you are driving around trough the dockside of a big 3D city, follow the directions above your car to find the right parking spot. As you try to park your American truck in to the marked space you need to know the faster you clear the level the higher the result. American truck 3D Driving is a super fun and addictive driving game for every age, even the youngest ones can easy play this super fun 3D driving game for free on the google play store.

So get ready for one of the most fun 3D driving experience you can get on you mobile device. Play al 24 challenging precision driving missions and become the master of the asphalt.

American truck 3D driving game features±
- Control your American pickup truck with the on screen steering wheel, brake and acceleration pedals.
- Shift the gear for forward or backward movement
- If you like to successfully complete the levels you need to use your precision driving skills and move carefully into the marked parking spot
- Super realistic on screen controls, different camera views by toggling the camera point
- 24 different challenging 3D driving tasks, where you need to show your parking and driving skills.
- Four different American truck

Prove that you can complete al of the different levels in this challenging driving simulator on google play. Have fun with American truck 3D driving and we hope you will enjoy this 3D driving game of VascoGames. If you like to support our work or just want to stay up-to-date about our new upcoming titles then keep a watch on our Facebook page or follow us on twitter.
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