Razor Run - 3D space shooter

Razor Run - 3D space shooter
(910 total ratings on Google Play)
VascoGames / Action, Arcade
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(910 total ratings on Google Play)


Get ready for a cool looking 3D space escape shooter! For years a major space war is going on, this space war puts the entire galaxy on fire and is now hitting your space station, so you need to escape the burning space station. Make a run through the 3D corridors of the burning space station before the entire stations is going to explode. So jump into your space fighter the razor space fighter and escape from the danger.

Razor Run is a super-fast 3D escape game where you need to blast your way through the small corridors. Evade the different obstacles that are in the way, and escape the station safely before it explode. Razor run is a real 3D space shooter which is full of action. You have different possibilities to upgrade your 3D spacecraft, make it faster, bigger and better in this intergalactic 3D space shooter. Adding some awesome weaponry to get even further in your escape runs.

If you enjoy the old school vertical space-shooters and if you are a fan of these old school games you are going to love Razor Run - 3D space shooter. So go ahead and upgrade your arsenal and space ship to make it as far as you can!

3D space fighter game features:

• Shoot your way to a burning space station
• Upgrade your space fighter with loads of weapons and other ship upgrades
• Fast passing action in space
• Escape to freedom
• Insane 3D space shoot graphics
• Small 3D space station corridors

We hope you will enjoy this space adventure game, so jump into you cockpit and start flying through space. Please give use some support by rating our game or by liking our Facebook page and twitter!

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