3D sniper game - mobster war

3D sniper game - mobster war
(6300 total ratings on Google Play)
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(6300 total ratings on Google Play)


The city is on the break of a big mobster war, now the crime family hired you a professional hit man and a great marksmen to hunt down and kill the other crime family so they can take control of the city.

In this 3D sniper game you need to climb the different rooftops of the buildings in this city, and start snipping down all the enemies in the city. So before the other family gets ready to wreak havoc on your family take them all out. 3D sniper game – mobster war is a hard-core and action packed shooting game, the game has 12 different action packed missions with different secret achievements stuffed away in the game. See for yourself if you can find and clear all the achievements we have set out for you.

So enter the shoes of a real sniper assassin, and start taking down the other notorious crime family with 3D sniper game – mobster war. The first missions are more like a training, once you have mastered the aim and shooting tactics of this game, you need to get ready for some real hard-core sniper action.

To advance to the next level you need to complete each mission successively, use the movement of your device to aim the scope on the target. Tap the right side of the device to take your shoot and take out the mark. Earn money for killing the targets and buy other guns to clear levels that call for a different type of gun or weapon.

So aim and shoot, start killing the mobster family members and become the greatest hitman on this planet! Tilt the device to aim and tap to shoot and kill

3D sniper game - mobster war game features:

- Simple tap and shoot controls, tap the device to to aim
- Loads of different family members to take out and to kill
- Start improving your aiming skills with these fun and challenging 3D missions
- 12 missions to enjoy, but this are not the only ones more levels coming soon!
- This sniper game works fully on smartphones and tablets/

Killing mobster is a very difficult task! Become a great marksman and the world’s most dangerous hitman. Experience how it feels to take out an entire mobster family. VascoGames is therefore happy to bring you 3D sniper game - mobster war. This is a new android 3D sniper game - mobster war game, we hope you will enjoy to this cool new 3D sniper game. To keep up-to-date about new levels and new guns and that will be add please follow us on Facebook or Twitter!
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