Tank Parking 3D - Tank Driver

Tank Parking 3D - Tank Driver
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(1500 total ratings on Google Play)


Tank Parking 3D - Tank Driver is a 3D tank driver game that will prepare future tank hero’s with their task. All tank riders need to know before hitting the battlefield how they can control their tanks and how they can drive and park this massive army vehicle on the battlefield! To give you the training you need as a soldier that will become a tank hero. We have made this 3D tank parking game, in this 3D tank parking game you learn how to drive a Tank Recon vehicle but also the heavier stuff like an really battle tank. So you know how to control your big or smaller tank when you get into a Tank Battle.

A tank is not a racing vehicle and a lot bigger to park safely then car, buses, or trucks. Don’t expect 3D city parking situations. But more parking situations that will train you to become the greatest tank driver in the world. This tank war game has over 20 parking missions that you need to complete successfully, the quicker you are the higher the reward. You can earn up to three medals for completing your 3D parking mission successful.

Controlling your battle tank successfully is winning half the battle already. In every tank war the best tank drivers are the ones that get back undamaged. And that are the tank drivers the army is looking for in this game. To control your tank you have all the tank driving instruments you will need to earn your medals. Use the steering wheel to drive to the right parking spot, use the gearshift to change the gear backwards and forwards. You can take a look from inside the tank to see if you have manoeuvre the tank successfully into the parking space. As a tank driver you need to make advanced manoeuvres in this cool new Tank Parking 3D - Tank Driver game. Make sure you have park your tank in time because every mission is a race against the clock. No pressure at all for a real soldier!

3D Parking game Features:

- Four different military tanks to drive in, from the recon tank to the big battle tanks
- 20 different parking missions, yes missions not levels clear them all and try to get three stars!
- Real life war parking situations
- Realistic Controls
- Great dynamic gameplay
- Extreme precision tank driving simulator
- Park according the arrow in the parking spot for your war vehicle
- Every mission is a race against the clock, hurry up and park in time
- New tank driver parking missions will follow
- New tanks will be added to this game in the future

In world war two a great deal of the war was a tank war. But in modern warfare a tank driver needs to know what way he can best use his tank. You think you have what it takes to complete this army tank driving game. And are you up for a real 3D tank driving experience, then you will enjoy this new android tank driver game for sure. We hope you will like this game and please give use some support by rating our game or by liking our Facebook page or follow us on twitter!.

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