Avia Media Player (Chromecast)

Avia Media Player (Chromecast)
(11.692k total ratings on Google Play)
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(11.692k total ratings on Google Play)


*** In-app purchase of $2.99 gives you Chromecast support, casting to UPnP/DLNA enabled devices, access to Dropbox, support for themes and removes all ads ***

**We have released a beta version of Avia which includes Google''s Chromecast Companion Library. If you''re having issues with Chromecast discovery, please send us a beta group membership request at: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/avia-beta-testers**

Quick troubleshoot for missing Chromecast icon:
- Reboot WiFi router (optional: change WiFi channel), reset factory settings on Chromecast, rename Chromecast and reinstall Avia.

- Updated user interface with simpler navigation and smoother response
- Improved stability and support for the latest Google Chromecast software
- Subtitle support while casting (Note: This feature requires separate subtitle files)
- Resize subtitles during Chromecast playback
- Full playback control from your phone or tablet
- Music album artwork and artist images displayed on your TV
- Save animated gifs from the web and cast them with Avia
- Support for devices running Android Version 4.0.3/4.0.4

And of course, Avia still allows you to: Share your photos, videos and music on these devices: Chromecast / Xbox 360 / Xbox One / Google TV / PC / Mac

Play and manage media stored on your Android device, in the cloud or from these devices: Facebook / Dropbox / Google+ Photos (Picasa) / Network Attached Storage (NAS) / Windows Media Player (WMP) / XBMC / Serviio / Plex / Subsonic / PC / Mac / Other Android Devices

Finally, here are a few pieces of advice to get the most out of Avia:
- Make sure your Android device and device you want to cast to, e.g. Chromecast, are using the same Wi-Fi network
- Some users only see the Avia logo when casting to Chromecast. Changing the Wi-Fi channel on your router to anything other than its current setting solves this problem
- When using Avia to access media from other devices, they must have UPnP/DLNA serving enabled.
- When casting from Avia, files MUST be compatible with the receiving device. Many devices have fewer compatible codecs than a home computer. Please review your media formats with the specifications of your devices before attempting to cast. (Example: Chromecast is not compatible with .AVI files) Please see the video conversion guide at aviatheapp.com/support

If you have questions, comments or feedback, please check out our support page at http://aviatheapp.com/support/

For issues related to Chromecast, please visit the Chromecast support page at https://support.google.com/chromecast/

To join beta testing group, please send us a membership request at: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/avia-beta-testers

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