Vodafone Avantaj Cepte

Vodafone Avantaj Cepte
(4800 total ratings on Google Play)
Vodafone Türkiye / Shopping
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(4800 total ratings on Google Play)


Vodafone AVANTAJ CEPTE application is offering exclusive advantages to the all Vodafone users!
AVANTAJ CEPTE is altering the current shopping habits of customers! Vodafone is offering a new advantegous world to its subscribers that provide convenience in their shopping act. All of the advantages including from regional and location based offers to the national campaigns are getting alive in your smart phones which is powered by Vodafone!!
With this application, Vodafone users are be able to see and benefit Vodafone only exclusive opportunities and campaigns immediately from their mobile devices.
With this new mobile application, Vodafone also ends the complexicity of physical brand loyalty cards in the customers pockets and provides a convenient shopping platform combining the digitilased loyalty cards within one application
With the AVANTAJ CEPTE application, Vodafone subscribers,
• Will use the Vodafone exclusive advantages in the prearrenged brands, benefit from various sale opportunities and use the loyalty cards of brands
• Will see the special advantages in the prearraged shopping zone and reach the benefits either from the nearest store or by clicking the link in the offer details
• Will be able to share their benefit as a gift to their friends and will be able to enjoy the shopping experience by using the convenience of Mobile Payment
VODAFONE RED subscribers can benefit from the advantages that available for all Vodafone subscribers. RED members, in addition, by one click,
• Are able to connect the Exclusive Customer Service Agent
• Are able to benefit from Back Up Personal Assistance Service
• Can get service by Mobile Support Team
• Can use various advantages including from free lounge option to rent a car
• Are able to benefit the opportinuties in the scope of food to cinema
• Can utilize from the special discounts in summer and winter based locations
Additional notes,
• All Vodafone users are able to download and enjoy Vodafone AVANTAJ CEPTE application
• Vodafone Red members, can view Red exclusive offers and opportunties, can participate the campaigns and benefit from advantageous offers
Vodafone AVANTAJ CEPTE mobile application is available for all Android 2.3 and higher versions.

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