Mushaf - Quran Kareem

Mushaf - Quran Kareem
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The intent of developing this program is to create a comprehensive and free Quran application that serves all Muslims.

***You will need to download the pages and sounds separately***

This program features:
* 100% correct Quran based on images of Madinah Mos''haf by King Fahad Complex for printing Quran
* Six types of images: with borders and without, Mujawwad, blue, green and brown pages
* Flip pages by slide or buttons
* Reading in Lanscape or Portrait
* Night reading option
* Zoom in capability with ability to change pages inside zoom mode
* Settings Language: Arabic/English
* 13 audio Quran reciters: Ajmi, Muaqli, Shaatri, Hudhafi, Abdulbasit, Sudais, Basfar, Husari, Menshawi, Afasy, Ghamdi, Shuraim, Rafai
* option to repeat audio by Aya, Sura, page, or continuous audio recitation
* option to add a timer in seconds between each Aya (to help with recitation)
* 10 audio tracks for prayers (Dou''a)
* 3 books of Tafseer: Al-Saadi, Al-Muyassar, and Al-Jalalayn (Arabic Only)
* English translation based on Sahih International
* Search by words in arabic or english
* Copy Ayas from search page and pasting them in any program by long pressing on the selected Aya
* Copy sections of the books by long press
* Add notes to each page with the possibility of hide/unhide through settings
* Bookmarks: static (reference location for future reading) and dynamic (saves the last page read)
* Go to by page, Sura, Hezb, Robo or Juz''
* Option of keeping the screen On
* Short cut to menu by long press on the page directly without the need to click on menues
* Hide/unhide header, buttons, and notes from Settings
* Header bar disappear automatically after a few seconds
* Display two pages at the same time in landscape mode (good for tablets)
* Option to make the index page as main page (through settings then restart application)

If you have any issues, please don''t hesitate to contact me before down rating the application. Giving high rating will assist in spreading the program to more Muslims through the use of featured programs. Any suggestions to improve the application are welcomed.

The website for the program is:

Please do include me, my parents and my family in your prayers.

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