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Best Call Recorder
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(720 total ratings on Google Play)


Please read complete description before installing.

Best Call Recorder is absolutely free . It allows you to record both incoming and outgoing calls.
It supports both automatic and manual recordings. Inbuilt player is used to playback the recorded files.
It provides clear voice recording for compatible devices. We are committed to provide best recording experience only for compatible devices.

Note: Some dual sim phones and some normal phones are not compatible with this software.
We are being honest, user will enjoy good quality recording with compatible phones only.
Some OEMs do not encourage recording in their devices due to country specific laws.
Please do not vent your frustration w.r.t ratings. We are in-line with the OEMs. If your device is compatible, you''ll definitely enjoy quality recording else you may see error messages or device recording 0 bytes and failing to play the file.
Recorded files are stored under /mnt/sdcard/BestCallRecorder (internal storage) / (external storage) based on settings chosen..

1) Call record Settings
2) Inbuilt player to play records.
3) supports both auto and manual Call Recordings.
4) Share feature provided to copy important files.

1) will not record, if calls are not received. So, dummy recording will never happen.
2) This software will always be free.
3) Enjoy best call recording clarity(if your device is compatible).
4) Minimal settings, better User Experience.
5) unlimited recording (until free space available).

Many more features to come in future releases...

version 1.0,
1) Call recording settings provided.
2) Inbuilt player to play recorder files.
3) supports both auto and manual recording of calls.

version 1.0.2
1) Record deletion confirmation added.
2) Record & folder deletions synchronized.
3) Dual Notifications made single.
4) Help manual mistakes corrected.
5) Zoom control added to help manual.
6) Bug Fixes and optimizations applied.

version 1.0.3/1.0.4
1) User reported crash fixed.
2) redundant folder creation is rectified for same number.
3) recorded Phone number added to records (below contact).
4) Always on notification removed.
5) Notification on call end, only if recorded.
6) No recording while outgoing, if call link is not established.
7) Bug Fixes
8) 1.0.3 crash fixed

version 1.0.5
1) invalid number dial handled.
2) Unknown number display fixed.
3) Bug Fixes

version 2.0
1) Player View Back key handling issues solved.
2) User reported crashes in 1.0.5 are solved.
3) Bug Fixes.
4) Folder View late entry issue solved.

version 2.1.0/2.2.0

1) Storage setting added for selecting internal and external SD-Card.
2) Storage setting based, my records view is handled.
3) Bug Fixes.
4) User reported crashes are resolved.
5) Settings UI changes.
6) Reset All settings feature added.
7) Media Scanner scanning is blocked.

version 2.3.0

1) Share Via Email feature is added to existing share option.
2) Start-app search monetize added.
3) Bug Fixes.

version 2.4.0/2.5.0
1) Google Play compliant APK release.
2) Bug Fixes.
3) User reported crashes fixed.

version 3.0/3.2
1) Google play services updated.

version 3.3/3.4

1) Bug Fixes.
2) APK size reduced
3) More Button added.
4) Google Banners added

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