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Paperland Live Wallpaper
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(5900 total ratings on Google Play)


Paperland free live wallpaper PRO:
This is a live wallpaper, which is about the world of the paper land. And the paper land is so cute and so lovely. You would see the cars, the dog, the cat, the trees, and some lovely houses. And the sun is lovely for you. And the wallpaper is part of daytime and night from time. And you can choose only display the wallpaper of the daytime of the wallpaper of the night. In the night of the wallpaper, it would display the moon, the star, and the light of the houses, and the lights of the cars. And if you touch the cars, the dog, the cat, these would play funny voice, which make the live wallpaper much funny. Hope you would like it. Thanks.

The live wallpaper display HD lovely picture.

The wallpaper has many setting:
*You can choose the daytime wallpaper or the night of the wallpaper
*You can choose the wallpaper according to the time
*You can set the voice or not

All my Live Wallpaper are Free for you
This free app is ad supported: Admob, Appflood. In order to keep this app free and allow me to keep working on improvements you will periodically receive a sponsored ad. I appreciate your understanding and support. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks.

If the phone is restarted, the wallpaper would be need to re-set. It is said that the phone is out of memory. Restarting the phone to read the memory card data is relatively slow, it would cause the wallpaper needs to be re-set.

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Installation instructions:
• Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers
• Scroll down the list, find out the wallpaper and setup it.

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