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Jokes & Humor: Jookees
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Find more than 1000 daily jokes submitted by the largest community of American jokers! No kidding! Vote for the best jokes and comment on them: it is social network for jokers!

★★★ 1st Ever Social Jokes Application ★★★

You''ll love this app even if you can''t stand jokes!

✓ Browse all community jokes
✓ Vote and comment on every joke
✓ Add friends and easily find their jokes
✓ Search by category or keyword.
✓ This is a Waluu App of the Waluu.com network :)

★ Sample joke ★

"When I was little, I hated going to cousins´ weddings ​​because my aunts and grandparents came up to me, slapped me on the back and told me:
- You''re next, boy!
One day they stopped because I did likewise at funerals."

“Why does a Time Magazine survey state only 85% of Americans think global warming is happening?The other 15 percent work for the oil industry!”

"A teacher asks his students:
- If I say "I''m beautiful," what is the verb tense?
A student answers:
- Surely the past!"

"The advantage of Facebook is that you don''t feel like an idiot when talking to a wall."

★ Categories ★

✓ Animals: Your jokes about pets, cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, etc.
✓ Blondes : Jokes about blondes although brunettes and redheads are allowed ;)
✓ The height of...: The height of the height is not having one!
✓ Empty joke: Absurd, incomprehensible, stupid or crazy, void jokes are sometimes the best.
✓ Riddles: Question, Forum, Discussion, Riddle chat.
✓ Children: Baby, infant, teen and young teenager, jokes about children just for fun!
✓ Women: Jokes about daughters, sisters, lovers, mother or grandmother but also young ladies, cousins, and friends; in short, womenfolk in all its beauty! Chicks are great!
✓ Funny story: It is preferable for a freaky joke app and to have a laugh with your family
✓ Physician and Doctor: Funny story from the world of medicine (sexy jokes or ass or sex-related are allowed in accordance with our terms of use and are moderated for non-compliance)
✓ Geek: Geek jokes because they know how to be sexy and funny at times!
✓ Celebrity: Jokes about celebrities; Stars of reality shows but also singers, actors and actresses.
✓ Miscellaneous: Facts, buzz, best of bloopers and parodies! Joke on computers, public servant, worker, etc.
✓ Religion

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★ Definition ★

✓ Humor: In the broadest sense, humor is a form of mockery "which seeks to highlight the comic, ridiculous, absurd or unusual nature of certain aspects of reality."

It is a language, but also a means of expression. Humor can be used for different purposes and can be educational or militant. Its form, more than its definition, is understood differently depending on culture, region and perspective to the extent that, something considered humor by some, may be perceived by others as a wicked mockery or insult.

Humor allows humans to take some distance from reality, "laugh to keep itself from crying." More somber, Nietzsche said "Human suffers so deeply that he had to invent laughter", which approaches cynicism.

✓ Joke: A joke is staged as a story or a riddle, usually quite short, which triggers laughter. Laugher, however, may not be triggered at all for low-quality jokes. Wordplay and puns are considered jokes.

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