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✓ "What does a blonde do in the movie theater? Looks for the remote."

✓ "Why do blondes refuse to read the British Encyclopedia? Because they''d rather watch the movie when it comes out."

✓ "What does a blonde do if she finds 10$ on the ground? She strips naked and starts to dance!"

✓ "Why do blondes cut up their plaid clothing before washing? Because the label indicates ''Wash colors separately!'' "

✓ "Why are blondes satisfied with finishing one jigsaw puzzle in 1 year? Because the box reads 3 to 6 years! "

✓ "A girl talks to her pregnant blonde friend:
- Are you really pregnant? But where did you have your head?
- Against the door! "

✓ "A blonde meets in the street one of her brunette friends, who just had a child:
- Hello Mrs. Smith.
- Ah! Hi Melissa.
- How is your little one?
- He''s alright, he''s been walking for 3 months now.
- Wow! He must be far away then!"

✓ "A brunette says to a blonde:
- I would not like to be in your head
- Really? Why?
- I can''t stand empty spaces! "

✓ "What does a blonde girl do to turn off the light? She closes her eyes!"

✓ "What is the smallest prison in the world?
The brain of a blonde because it holds a single cell"

✓ "A blonde visits her doctor and says:
- I have mental diarrhea.
- How so?
- Well, I only have crappy ideas."

✓ "A blonde enters a shop and asks:
- Do you have glasses?
- For the sun?
- No, no, for me! "

✓ "What should you do if a blonde throws a grenade at you? Remove the pin and throw it back to her! "

✓ "How does a blonde make a copy of her keys?
Answer: She photocopies them"

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Jokes, gags, but also tips and hoaxes on blondes. This is a free and humorous game to post blonde jokes!

Most common categories of funny and short blonde jokes in this application that can be used for better organization (because blondes are sometimes bizarre, crazy and very special):

✓ Jokes about blonde fashion accessories

✓ Jokes about blonde footwear

✓ Jokes about blonde delusions: marriage, love, sex, boyfriends

✓ Jokes about Belgian blondes with red locks

Write a quick, awkward and blundering joke about blondes (and throw in some brunettes and redheads jokes as well, why not?).

★ Quotes about humor ★

"A brunette is nothing but an unpretentious blonde."

"Either brunette or blonde? Do we really have to choose? "Enjoyment is the world''s god."

"Humor is a way of living."

"Chance is a master humorist."

"Humor is the optimistic''s adrenaline."

"Humor is love, irony is contempt."

"Humor is like coffee: The darker the better."

"When a light appears in the eyes of a blonde is that you light up her ear."

"I dreamed of another world, where the earth would be round, the moon would be blonde, and life would be fruitful."

"With a bit of psychology and without vulgarity, one can explain everything to our precious blonde heads!"

"The woman have a passion for calculation: she divides her age by two, double the price of her dresses, triple the salary of her husband and add five years to the age of her best friend."

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