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(2300 total ratings on Google Play)


Photo editing was never so easy, fun, fast and intuitive. You won’t have to use the desktop Photoshop. On-the-go you’ll be able to edit and personalize your photos with filters and amazing effects, and share them with your friends. You’ll be able to apply effects to a part of the image (with a touch of your finger) for local effects!

- Select a photo to edit from your Gallery.
- Crop and adjust it to the desired size.
- Choose the picture resolution. Note that if you what to share them on social networks, then it’s recommended to use small-sized pics.
- Find the best filter to your image: RB (Radial Brightness gradient), Vintage, Old, Grey-Sepia and many others. More than 40 filters to choose from.
- Add text to photos (choose your font style, color, shadows, …)
- Include frames on your images. Choose among 36 photo frames.
- Edit the brightness, contrast, auto contrast and saturation of your pics selecting with your fingers the area that you want to modify. You’ll be able to edit red eyes, whiten your teeth, correct spots, backlight corrections and many more things.
- More color adjustment and photo effects options including hue and color levels. Additionally, Wizard Photo Editor offers a large variety of effects for your images including blur, mosaic, quantization, noise, grey-scale (black & white), sepia, vintage, invert the colors of your photos and invert the black & white, sharpen, black & white high contrast, and more.

With all these photo effects options you’ll be able to editing a photo as a professional (red-eye, spots, whiten your teeth, backlight corrections) your pictures and share them with your friends thanks to the most popular Social Media Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

This app is 100% integrated with Android!! You can choose your images in the Gallery or in other pic editor apps and send it automatically to Wizard Photo App Editor using the "Share” action. Then, you only have to inspire and start pic editing.
This app contains in-app purchases.

Download Wizard Photo Editor Now! The best photo app editor you’ve ever seen!

If you have any doubt, you can also contact us contact@wizardphotoeditor.com or visit our website www.wizardphotoeditor.com.

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